Staying at a hotel on the San Antonio Riverwalk, also known as Paseo del Rio, is an absolute must for tourists visiting Texas. The Riverwalk is a major attraction and one of the most important tourist aspects of the city, home to the most scenic surroundings and enjoyable sightings from the many nearby Riverwalk hotels. Hotels in this area offer tourists the best views of the serene serpentine Riverwalk and excel in accommodation decor, beautiful courtyards, admiral designs, and indisputable dining options. Here are the 10 Riverwalk hotels for your visit to San Antonio.

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ten Mokara Hotel And Spa

Mokara Hotel and Spa is an excellent definition of class, elegance and luxury. It offers incredible views of the hood, including the spectacular Riverwalk ecosystem and a fantastic view of the beautiful city from the rooftop for visitors to enjoy while relaxing and rejuvenating from the glorious evening sun. A stay here is perfect with a fabulous rooftop pool, top-notch spa, and unparalleled service, not to mention the enjoyment of world-class seafood cuisines and cafes.

  • Cost:
    From $331

  • Location:
    Crockett St., San Antonio

9 Valencia Riverwalk Hotel

Valencia is an opulent and luxurious hotel, also one of the finest in San Antonio. It is a modern and sophisticated boutique hotel with a touch of history to make a visitor’s stay in Paseo del Rio memorable. The hotel boasts elegant European-style decor, polite but punctual staff, a beautiful courtyard, and amenities that are worth it, including an on-site spa and in-room dining. It sums up your experience with enough solitude for the perfect getaway with a loved one.

  • Cost:
    From $216

  • Location:
    150 East Houston St.

8 Omni La Mansion Del Rio

The elegantly furnished, Spanish-style Omni La Mansion Hotel is an absolute must for visitors to the San Antonio Riverwalk. Sleek hotel offers every luxury with fashionable design and upscale amenities, including a scenic courtyard, heated pool, on-site executive fitness center, spa, restaurant, and fitness program to children. Tourists here can’t help but catch a glimpse of the beautiful Riverwalk and the beautiful neighborhood. It should definitely be at the top of the list of perfect San Antonio Riverwalk hotels.

  • Cost:
    From $254

  • Location:
    112 College Street

seven Hotel Menger

Adventurers looking for a charming place to stay needn’t explore any further. The Merger Hotel is perfect for your accommodation and an ideal getaway spot. The establishment has a long and impressive reputation and a history of hosting prestigious guests and world celebrities, including Theodore Roosevelt, among other major appearances. The hotel preserves a touch of old-world elegance with impressive hardwood design, fine antiques and artwork, a neo-classical Victorian lobby, vintage photos, and an age-old guest registry.

  • Cost:

  • Location:

    Alamo Plaza

6 Hotel Contessa

Opened in 2005, it was the first all-suite luxury hotel along the San Antonio Riverwalk. It is a popular wedding destination and photo opportunity due to its proximity to the wedding island, the beautiful design with a heart-shaped part of its courtyard, and the picturesque view of the surroundings. The property features a romantic dining room, an on-site conference room with technology support staff and audio-visual equipment, a full-service spa with massage and beauty services, a spacious lobby and modern art-oriented rooms.

  • Cost:
    Starts $200

  • Location:
    306 Market Street West.

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5 Emma Hotel

The Hotel Emma is a gem set in a former brewery that has been converted to provide the perfect blend of historic and modern aesthetics that boils down to absolute luxury and comfort. The hotel has large, upscale rooms that are both luxurious and elegant, with large windows to enhance views of the serene Riverwalk with its leafy palms and cypress trees. Visitors enjoy memorable, lifetime indulgence through world-class culinary prowess with a large in-room kitchen, restaurant supper, and pantry.

  • Cost:

  • Pitches:
    Near the pearl district

4 Hotel Havana

The little gem of the museum reaches the part of the Riverwalk and is an amazing choice of place to stay. Visitors are treated to extremely stylish accommodation options, from studios to Penthouse suites. The property has 27 stylish rooms with a unique design and feel for everyone. It features pine floors with Turkish rugs, vintage Cuban artwork, and ornate antique furniture in the rooms. A beer downstairs or at an upstairs bar facing the Riverwalk is a must in Havana.

  • Cost:
    From $164

  • Location:
    1015 Navarro Street

3 Grand Hyatt San Antonio

The largest hotel and most popular destination, located downtown near Riverwalk, offers visitors the best of everything. Its proximity to other attractions is a perfect reason why visitors prefer to stay here. Visitors here enjoy spectacular views of the Riverwalk and other famous landmarks, including the Tower of the Americas, which appears close enough to touch from the room with the tall bay windows. Visitors can enjoy a beer at the bar while mingling with locals to seal the memory.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    600 Market Street E.

2 Wyndham Garden Riverwalk

The hotel is near the Art Museum along the San Antonio River. It features the utmost elegance, luxury and a commendable staff. The views of the Riverwalk from the pool deck, courtyard, and bedroom balconies are spectacular and to die for. Its restaurant serves mouth-watering seafood dishes and a memorable organic breakfast to make a visitor’s stay one to remember. Other amenities include a bar, banquet, ample parking, and an executive fitness center.

  • Cost:
    From $318

  • Location:
    103 9th Street

1 Hilton San Antonio Hill Country

The Hilton hotel takes downtown visitors to a great destination in the Westover Hills to enjoy other unique attractions, including trails and nature sightings. It is an ideal destination to stay while exploring and discovering the far west side of the Riverwalk. The facility is sprawling and home to three pools, a restaurant, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a huge lawn. Visitors can enjoy the evening at the bar or sip a cocktail while admiring the view from a balcony.

  • Cost:
    From $315

  • Location:
    9800 Westover Hills Blvd.