Wellness programs are great for helping employees relax, maintain good mental health, and pay attention to physical fitness, in addition to providing a host of benefits that ultimately contribute to the company.

These wellness services are supported by professional organizations, working as providers for businesses, providing wellness apps, personalized technology solutions for health issues, and professional advice and guidance for the employee well-being. Here’s a rundown of the 9 best apps and websites that help organizations promote employee health and wellness.

Wellable works with organizations around the world. She has won numerous awards for her personalized services and programs that take a holistic approach to employee health and wellness.

It offers a wide range of personalized programs, including fitness, mental challenges, health coaching and fairs, wellness seminars and workshops, and more. It also offers on-site services such as healthy snacks, flu shots, biometric screening, clinical services, and more.

While the organization you work for pays for the sessions, the costs of clinical tests, snacks, and similar products and services are borne by the employees who benefit from these programs. The good news is that they are heavily subsidized as part of the package of services offered.


Burnalong focuses on the physical fitness and mental well-being of employees and organizations. It offers online and in-person programs such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, stress management, boxing, strength training, diabetes management, cancer care, pre and post natal care. , nutrition, etc.

Besides businesses, he also works with hospitals and health systems, government agencies, municipal associations, schools and universities, aged care services and individuals. Its particularity lies in the creation of personalized programs responding to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Kona is a mental health app that you can integrate with Slack. It contains daily reminders that boost your self-confidence and improve your well-being. Daily checks avoid the use of surveys or icebreakers. It offers you a range of emojis to indicate your mood for the day and simple statements to gauge your mental state. It collates employee responses and analyzes the data to indicate the general mood of different teams and individuals.

Kona is free to try, so you can sign up today and test it out.

Businesses can detect employee morale and work on suggestions provided by Kona to avoid dips in productivity and attendance. It also helps organizations focus on candidates with mental difficulties and provide them with timely health and counseling programs.

Limeade works exclusively with employers to deliver services that maximize employee engagement, improve employee well-being, prevent burnout, and provide culture enhancement programs to improve turnover. Working with Limeade is a great way to increase your employees’ confidence and self-esteem.

It collects employee data through quizzes, surveys, and polls. Scientific methods are used to analyze the data collected and provide insights that influence workplace policies and procedures and direct benefits where they matter most.

Even if your business doesn’t work with Limeade, you can access its resource library by signing up for its newsletter and marketing emails.

Woliba offers wellness solutions in five main categories: Activity Challenges, Behavior Challenges, Fitness, Nutrition Recipes, and Wellness Education. These services focus on building team bonds, boosting morale, connecting workers around the world, maintaining motivation levels, promoting fitness and healthy eating, and raising awareness. to mental health and well-being.

Unlike the other services listed above, Woliba has a simple pricing structure. It starts at $75/month for 25 members. Other programs start at $0.75 per user/per month. You can explore the pricing options of different programs to create custom plans.

Unmind, as the name suggests, focuses on mental well-being. It looks after the mental well-being of every employee, not just those under duress, to help them avoid scenarios that lead to stress, work-life imbalance, and other issues that could harm to their morale. It focuses on three important areas of well-being – psychological, social and physical to provide holistic solutions to all mental health issues.

His proactive approach to mental health endorsed by clinical psychology allows him to guide employees towards better coping mechanisms and better engagement. It uses technology to help you sleep better and feel fitter, calmer and happier.

In addition to employee physical and mental well-being, LifeWorks also offers advice on financial well-being and retirement. It uses technology to deliver programs that drive engagement, optimize benefits programs and employee perks on a case-by-case basis, and other solutions to business issues like absence management, communications and change management, pension administration, etc.

All employers, including large corporations, state and local governments, academic institutions, and insurance companies, can benefit from LifeWorks services. Even if you’re not a paying member, you can still access their library of resources, including blog posts, case studies, and reports on wellness statistics, programs, and results. employees.

As the name suggests, Remote Team Wellness focuses on teams working internationally with employees located in remote locations. He has experience working with FAANG companies like Netflix and Facebook, in addition to tech giants like Microsoft and Cisco.

It offers monthly virtual wellness programs that cover mental health and mindfulness, physical fitness, financial wellness, workplace wellness, emotional wellness, work effectiveness, team development and corporate fitness.

The basic monthly plan starts at $1,500 per month and has limited offers. The monthly Premium plan starts at $2,500 and includes its full range of services.

Virgin Pulse’s basket of services includes Health Outcomes programs for employers, enhanced sessions on member engagement and employee experience, and improved corporate culture. Health Plans and Health Systems programs include Gap Closure, Medication Adherence, Strategic Growth, Health CRM and Network Management.

It also offers personalized healthcare programs powered by AI and machine learning that anticipate your needs and create personalized solutions tailored to your problems.

Access its resources including case studies, blog posts, events and seminars, and newsletter by signing up and creating a member account.

Commit to the well-being of your employees

Enrolling in employee wellness services demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the physical, emotional, and overall well-being of its employees. Not only does this have immense benefits for employees, but it also increases company revenue, improves results, and creates a more engaged and productive workforce.

If you are looking for wellness services as an individual, explore meditation and relaxation apps to overcome your stress and anxiety.