Natalie McKelvie is thrilled that her new business, Fitstop Ocean Grove, has been embraced by so many who want to achieve their fitness goals in a supportive group environment.

Natalie launched Fitstop Ocean Grove three months ago.

“As a new business in Ocean Grove, it’s been amazing to feel the support of the entire community. It’s not just our amazing family and friends helping us make this dream come true, but the many Fitstoppers who are now establishing bond with each other and create this amazing fitness community,” Natalie said.

Fitstop Ocean Grove offers functional training in a group environment with a strong emphasis on strength training.

“Our coaches can change and modify all exercises to ensure that all members are working to their abilities, but still progressing and achieving their goals,” Natalie explained.

Natalie and her coaching staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They safely and accurately support members of all fitness levels with exercise techniques.

Natalie says it was her passion for health and fitness that drove her to create the Fitstop Ocean Grove community.

“I want to help our members feel healthier, stronger and happier,” Natalie said.

“My husband and three children push me every day to be the best version of myself as a mother and wife. Sometimes that means putting myself first and for me, exercise is essential for that, which, I know, is the same for a lot of people, so I’m really passionate about our gym being an environment where others feel comfortable, safe and part of our community.”

To try Fitstop for yourself, simply download the app and book a free session. Find out more on Instagram @fitstopoceangrove, Facebook or contact Natalie on 0433 715 958