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A young graduate police officer continues his journey in law enforcement

VESTAL (WBNG) – With the Vestal Youth Police Academy approaching this summer, a graduate reflects on his time at the academy and how it relates to his calling to protect and serve with his current career in the law application.

Officer Justin Perez, who works for the Vestal Police Department, looks fondly on his time at the Vestal Youth Academy.

Although Perez had many law enforcement inspirations, he told 12 News it was the skills and lessons he learned during his time at the youth academy that he took with him. at the real police academy.

“When I went through the police academy proper, there were situations and different classes that kind of took me back to the youth academy,” he said.

Other young police graduates followed similar paths, some even becoming colleagues of Constable Perez.

“It’s really cool to see another youth academy graduate and work alongside them, it’s pretty cool,” Perez told 12 News.

Agent Perez stresses the importance of physical fitness not just for young candidates, but for everyone.

“Make sure you stay physically fit,” he said. “Not only is it good for your health, it’s good for your well-being, your mental health and just overcoming it and getting fit is a great option for all of us.”

School Resource Officer Conor Talbut is happy to see what happens to students after they graduate from the youth academy.

“It had a very positive impact on the community. We have graduated well over 300 children in the past 10 years,” SRO Talbut told 12 News.

SRO Talbut said the youth academy inspires children to be active and gives them the opportunity to participate in fun activities.

Some of these activities include K-9 demonstrations, CSI scenarios, CPR training and more.