Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, who is in Germany, is “quite determined” to focus on her weight loss. On Monday, she offered photos to her followers and explained that she fasted for 15 days to kickstart her weight loss attempt. “I didn’t do very well with the self-motivation and self-image department. I have been very active most of my life and then for the last 4-5 years I have been very inactive. I put 20kgs. And it really blew my mind, ”she shared on Instagram.

Ira said not only about weight loss, but there were “other things on the list to work on in Germany.” The star said that while she hadn’t lost much weight, she had found “renewed motivation to put in more effort.” “I found a rhythm. I’m doing all I can to hang on to it now. I did a lot of thinking and thinking and following up. I learned some cool stuff. Stuff from the personal work department and epiphanies of life in general that I can’t wait to share. Many of these are practices that I need to start doing on my own. So as I do, I will share them. I am quite determined. Let’s see how it goes, ”she wrote.

Ira Khan is currently with Buchinger Wilhelmi, known for his fasting program. According to the official website, “The Buchinger Wilhelmi program is built around the fasting method developed by the founder of the clinic, Dr. Otto Buchinger (1878 – 1966). This method has been continuously refined over three generations and in collaboration with university research centers. Our program is designed to preserve, promote and restore your health. We pursue a holistic approach that considers body, mind and soul as a whole in the process of healing and growth. The emphasis is on therapeutic fasting and personal medical care. Mindful eating, fitness and spiritual inspiration complete our range of services and play an equally important role in the regeneration of body and mind as physical treatments and exercise in nature.