Sohrab Khushrushahi is a name and face that has gained popularity in fitness circles over the past few years. Having trained countless Indians, including several celebrities, through his SohFit program, Sohrab is now bringing RFT to India. Raw Functional Training (RFT) is a fitness module that emphasizes functional fitness rather than aesthetics, which was created by Da Rulk, real name Joseph Sakoda. In a chat with Hindustan Times, the two fitness experts talk about RFT, India’s wellness scene and their favorite celebrity clients – Alia Bhatt and Chris Hemsworth. Read also : Alia Bhatt wonders why having a child should change her professional life

RFT focuses on minimal equipment and emphasizes movement and flow rather than lifting heavy weights all the time. Speaking about why he felt it was necessary to bring him to India, Sohrab said, “It’s about making fitness accessible to as many people as possible. India is growing, when it comes to fitness. Not everyone has access to gyms or the money to buy equipment. For me, some form of training that you can do in your room without equipment does the trick. I think it fits perfectly into our ecosystem.

Da Rulk adds that he has familiarized himself with the Indian fitness scene these days and is excited to start his journey here. “It’s in its infancy in a sense where everyone is getting into the flow of the workout. That’s why I’m so excited about India, because it gives us the opportunity to start from genesis and get people to focus on the feeling of strength rather than the aesthetic. In general, it’s exciting,” he says.

Although Sohrab and Da Rulk have a strong aversion to the term “celebrity fitness trainer,” they’ve been described as that time and time again. Through his SohFit program, Sohrab has worked with names like Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani, while Da Rulk has trained the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Josh Brolin. Talking about the formation of celebrities, Da Rulk says, “Celebrities are people too. People sometimes put them on a pedestal. It just gives more visibility to what we do. I train with people like Chris Hemsworth and Josh Brolin, as well as first responders (firefighters, Navy SEALS, etc.). First responders tend to lend credibility and edification to my training program. But training with Chris and Josh and those guys gives him exposure. When you pair those two things together, it’s a special blend.

Da Rulk and Chris Hemsworth train together.

Sohrab adds that he has a special respect for celebrities for the amount of hard work they put in and also reveals which celebrity client is willing to work the hardest. “They are amazing people. They work really hard. They are very good at what they do because they work very hard at it. I treat them like I would treat anyone else. But I have a special soft corner for Alia and I feel she works really hard. I’ve seen her work on 16-hour shoots and then come in and do a workout at night. I think that asks a lot of an individual. It’s hard to come to practice after a long day like this. I give him a lot of respect for that,” he shares.

Sohrab also talked about Alia’s pregnancy and how a woman’s fitness routine changes when she’s pregnant. Sohrab explains how he adapts fitness routines for his clients when they are pregnant. He says: “It (training) is changing. We’re tweaking stuff. The beauty of any form of training is that we can always adapt. I believe that just because a girl is expecting, she doesn’t need to stop moving or change drastically. India is a place where people do not let women move once they are pregnant. This shouldn’t happen.

Da Rulk adds that he focuses on training for fun, which Chris Hemsworth is an expert on. “Chris is hilarious. It’s like being around 13 year olds. It’s always jokes. You laugh so much it’s a lot of abs work without having to overdo it. Concentration tends to be a bit difficult because you tend to laugh during the routine. But it’s always a good time. Training is for you, so it should be fun,” he laughs.


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