WESTFIELD, NJ, November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AlphaFit Club, from New Jersey Premier Strength and Conditioning Circuit Training Fitness Experience announces rapid expansion.

Alpha Fit Club is a circuit-style group fitness experience that combines total body strength training with high-intensity cardio. Their fitness pillars center on capacity, tenacity and intensity, with short bursts of maximum cardio effort paired with a lower rep range to enhance explosive power. Together, these pillars help members develop strong motor and muscular (and mental) endurance.

Time at Alpha Fit Club is spent spinning around the room in four-person “responsibility packs”, challenging themselves at constantly varying stations that can be tailored to any fitness level, if desired. pressing on each other to pick up the pace and finish what you started. ..together.

Alpha members are built, not born, and the leader of the pack, Sam Tooley knows best. Athlete, trainer, gym owner and entrepreneur, Sam Tooley puts 24/7 365 into Alpha Fit Club and the community he and his team are building.

“I signed the lease for my first location and my world was turned upside down,” notes Sam. He tragically lost his little brother Jake within the first month of business. “My first clients, these people, became family very quickly. The mentality that was ingrained in me during my running days, where if you show up day in and day out, you’re relentless and surround yourself with good people. , good things will happen… it allowed me to continue,” he adds.

The next punch? Pandemic. Alpha Fit Club’s first location, at Westfield NJopened in 2019 just before COVID.

“The biggest feedback we got from people at that time was that we had something special in that room and they wanted it. So people came from all over and kept showing up. We fit in there. where we could, taking lessons outside and being creative to keep the peloton together, we not only survived, we thrived.

This prompted Sam and his team to open their next two locations Verona and Red Bank and build them while the world was closed. Sales of franchises in New Jersey are closing, with locations expected to open now through Q1 2023, while sales in New York are in class (Staten Island is secure).

For more information about Alpha Fit Club and franchise opportunities, visit https://alphafitclub.com/franchise/

SOURCE Alpha Fit Club