Anshula Kapoor likes to keep it real on Instagram. She keeps her followers up to date on a lot of things – from weight loss at favorite mealsand everything else, including her reluctance to wear a bikini. Along the same lines, actor Arjun Kapoor’s sister recently took to the social media platform to share her favorite workout routine in an AMA session (ask me n anything).

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Lat sweaters, of all kinds, are my favorite, she wrote in response to the question. Accompanying her response was a video of her performing the exercise in the gym.

Like a bodybuilding exercise which helps develop the latissimus dorsi muscles that span the back, lat pulldowns help activate the mid-back muscles as well as the biceps.

Anshula Kapoor loves this exercise (Source: Anshula Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Here’s Why Side Pulls Should Be Part of Your Routine, Too

The lat pulldown is a great exercise for building upper back and shoulder muscles, says Varun Rattan, ACE-certified personal trainer and co-founder of The Body Science Academy. “This is an open kinetic chain multi-joint exercise suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. A variety of equipment can be used to perform it,” he said.

Rattan listed some simple steps to perform lat pulldown

Step 1

Grasp the bar with both hands and sit on the machine, anchoring your legs under the thigh pad so that it fits firmly on top of your thighs. Strengthen your abdominal muscles to stabilize the spine. Try to keep your lower back from overextending throughout the workout. As your arms are raised above your head, pull your shoulders down and back and try to maintain this position. position. Lean back slightly (about 20-30 degrees) and keep your head aligned with your spine.

2nd step

Keep your shoulder blades pressed in as you slowly exhale and initiate the downward pull. Bring the bar to the top or middle of your chest so that your elbows are pointing directly at the floor. Avoid any supplement lean back or a rocking motion during this motion.

Step 3

After a moment of pausing, inhale slowly as you return to your starting position allowing the barbell to move upwards until your elbows are fully extended. Let your shoulder blades lift slightly. Repeat the movement.

Variation and warning: When performing a lat pulldown, you can use a wide or narrow grip or an overhand (lying down) grip, an overhand (supine) grip or a neutral grip. “However, it is advisable to keep the bar in front of your head rather than behind your neck, especially if you have rounded shoulders. Those with rounded shoulders may experience more stress on the shoulder capsule and ligaments when performing a lat pulldown behind the neck. This may be due to the fact that shoulders turn around excessively when doing this exercise,” he noted.

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