IAEA chief says mission to major Ukrainian nuclear power plant is underway

BERLIN (AP) — The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says the UN’s long-awaited nuclear watchdog expert mission to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia power station “is now on its way.” . IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi has sought for months to gain access to the Zaporizhzhia plant, the largest in Ukraine and Europe, which Russian forces have controlled since the start of the war. Grossi wrote on Twitter that “the day has come”. He said the mission will arrive later this week. Russia and Ukraine have traded allegations of strikes at or near the plant in recent days, heightening fears the fighting could cause a massive radioactive leak.

Floods in Pakistan exceed 1,000 dead in ‘climate disaster’

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani officials say the death toll from widespread flooding has topped 1,000 since mid-June and the country’s climate minister has called the deadly monsoon season a “serious climate disaster.” . Flash flooding caused by heavy rains washed away villages and crops as soldiers and rescue workers evacuated stranded residents to the safety of relief camps and provided food for thousands of displaced Pakistanis. The country’s National Disaster Management Authority on Sunday reported the death toll since the monsoon season started earlier than normal this year in mid-June. Deaths reached 1,061 people after new fatalities were reported in several different provinces.

NASA fuels moon rocket for liftoff on first test flight

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA fuels its new moon rocket for liftoff on its first test flight, after a weather delay. Thunderstorms prevented the launch team from starting the refueling operation on time early Monday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Forecasters are optimistic the weather will improve enough for the 322-foot rocket to lift off Monday morning with a crew capsule bound for lunar orbit. No one is inside the Orion capsule, just three test dummies. It is the most powerful rocket NASA has ever built, surpassing even the Saturn V rocket (five) that carried astronauts to the moon half a century ago.

Liz Cheney in 2024? Deep skepticism emerges in key states

CONCORD, NH (AP) — Liz Cheney is openly considering a presidential run. But in the days after Wyoming lost its congressional primary, would-be supporters expressed skepticism about a bid for the White House. That includes Republican voters and local officials in three of the states that matter most in presidential politics — Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. They believe the soon-to-be-unemployed congresswoman has little road to relevance in a 2024 presidential primary, let alone road to victory. Some well-wishers fear she could actually help former President Donald Trump if she runs.

Democrats: Abortion rulings may be ‘a blessing in disguise’

RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) — Democratic candidates have denounced newly reinstated abortion restrictions in North Carolina in the week after a federal judge lifted an injunction on a state law banning nearly all abortions. abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. But some North Carolina Democrats say the decision was the catalyst their party needed to reinvigorate its political outlook in what likely would have been a losing year. Republicans in the state legislature are just five seats away from the supermajority they need to override the Democratic governor’s veto on future restrictions. In a swinging state like North Carolina, outrage and uncertainty over declining abortion access could generate enough political power for Democrats to hold their ground in November.

China’s drought-hit regions receive rain, bringing flood risk

BEIJING (AP) — Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated to safer areas as heavy rains put flooding at risk in a region of southwest China that for most of the summer, was devastated by heat and drought. Heavy rains were forecast for parts of Sichuan and Chongqing provinces at least through Tuesday. Chongqing, a megacity built in a hilly area including mountains and countryside, issued a flash flood warning. Authorities moved 61,000 people in Sichuan to safer locations as heavy rains fell. A drought-stricken village recorded 7.4 inches of rain. Factories were able to operate at full capacity again as concerns over hydropower production eased, and the rain should help wilt crops.

Detroit Police: Suspect arrested in ‘random’ fatal shootings

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit police say a man suspected of randomly shooting four people, three of them fatally, on the city’s west side has been arrested. Police said the suspect arrested on Sunday evening after an hour-long manhunt appeared to shoot random people over a period of around 2.5 hours. Detroit Police Chief James White said the tips led officers to the suspect, but did not release further information. White said police traced the four shots to a gun and believed there was a shooter. He said investigators did not believe there was a connection between the victims, noting that one person was walking a dog and another was waiting for a bus.

Police: Houston tenant kills 3 others, sets fire to lure them

HOUSTON (AP) — Houston police say a man evicted from an apartment building set the house on fire to lure out other tenants, then shot and killed three people and injured two others. Officers shot the shooter. The incident happened around 1 a.m. Sunday in a mixed industrial-residential neighborhood in southwest Houston. Police Chief Troy Finner said firefighters and police responded to the building after reporting the fire. Finner said the man then opened fire on firefighting crews, forcing them to take cover until officers shot him dead. No firefighters or officers were injured.

Taylor Swift wins top prize and announces new album at MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift took home the top prize at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards before closing the show with a surprisingly big announcement: her new album. The pop star said Sunday evening that her new album will be released on October 21. She revealed on social media that her 10th studio album will be called “Midnights”. Her announcement came at the end of her acceptance speech where she praised the other women in the category – which included Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo. Jack Harlow and Nicki Minaj both played a triple role during the award: the two musicians performed, won awards and served as the show’s hosts alongside LL Cool J.

Mickey Mantle Card Breaks Record, As Sports Memorabilia Soar

NEW YORK (AP) — A mint condition Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for $12.6 million, exploding through the record books on Sunday as the most expensive ever paid for a sports memorabilia. The rare Mantle card eclipsed the record posted a few months ago – $9.3 million for the jersey worn by Diego Maradona when he scored the controversial ‘Hand of God’ goal at the FIFA World Cup. football from 1986. The record escalation is part of a growing market for sports memorabilia that has taken off as people have cocooned during the pandemic – part nostalgia and part financial opportunity.

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