On Monday, Apple Fitness+ launched a new workout program for new moms called “Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby.”

The new program is a series of core, strength and mindfulness exercises designed to help new mothers feel stronger and more energetic as they face the new demands of parenthood.

Photo: Apple Canada

This program will be led by an experienced trainer and new mother, Betina Gozo, who also led the Apple Fitness+ prenatal workout program “Staying Active During Pregnancy.” Gozo will be joined by two other Apple Fitness+ moms and trainers, Marimba Gold-Watts and Jonelle Lewis.

The program begins with a core workout designed to help create a foundation for rebuilding core strength. This workout focuses on breathing and gentle core movements to help users reconnect to their core.

Photo: Apple Canada

There are different exercise options throughout the workout to help each user feel more comfortable, depending on their birth experience. The program encourages users to listen to their bodies and take things at their own pace. Users also have the option of using their body weight or light dumbbells during the workout.

The workouts are all 10 minutes long and can be done alone, together, or in a playlist with other studio workouts from the Apple Fitness+ library.

Photo: Apple Canada

Postpartum fitness is for all new moms, regardless of fitness level: one trainer will show modifications for those who want to take it slow, and the other trainer will show modifications that might be enjoyable for those who stayed active during pregnancy and have the energy to go harder.

To try Apple Fitness+ for yourself, Apple Watch users can purchase a subscription on the Apple website for $12.99 per month or $99.99 for a full year. When you buy a new Apple Watch, you get a free three-month Fitness+ subscription.