by Terry Rogers

Aquacare Physiotherapy now offers training options for athletes

As of early 2022, Aquacare Physical Therapy and Milford Lifestyle Fitness Center, located in the Milford Wellness Village, has focused on helping local high school and college athletes with their physical therapy and athletic training needs. The new program, led by Greggory Clark, will not only help sports injuries, but also endurance training and injury prevention.

“Sir. Clark’s background includes college sports, an exercise science degree, and is in the process of getting certified as a personal trainer,” said Cara Konlian, MSPT, CEO. a true passion for working with athletes Young athletes may work with an athletic trainer at school, but often that athletic trainer does not have enough time to perform specific agility/sports training as well as dedicate time to injury prevention.Because we have physiotherapists on staff, we are uniquely qualified to help these athletes.

Konlian explained that athletes can enter and pay a deposit fee or join the gym, which will allow them to train with their physiotherapy staff. The program will include agility training, pre-season training as well as post-season training to keep them fit even when they are not playing their sport.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on with Milford Lifestyle Fitness Center is that we’re in a small setting,” Konlian said. “There are still many concerns about COVID precautions and we are able to respect social distancing. When someone walks in, they feel safer because there may only be one or two other people.

The sports program is also available for adult athletes, Konlian said. It would also be beneficial for adults who are long-distance runners, cyclists, or do other types of sports.

“We have a golf specialist on staff in our Milford and Lewes offices. Bryan Morgan, PTA is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute,” Konlian said. Back pain can be a real problem for a golfer. Not only do we treat injuries, but we also work on their stroke and form while helping them master their swing. We do video analysis and all kinds of stuff to take their golf game to the next level. And if someone meets the standards of medical necessity for physiotherapy, the insurance will cover the cost of working with a golf specialist/physiotherapist.

Signing up for any athlete-focused program is as easy as a phone call, Konlian explained. She said it can be just one young person who wants to work one-on-one, or Aquacare can bring in five or six team members at the same time for group training. Not only will they work with equipment and weights, but agility training will be offered on local terrain.

“Resistance training, core stabilizers, cardio agility training will be done as part of a comprehensive program,” Konlian said. “We are also launching an exercise program for men and women focusing on strength and intensity training. It is designed for people of all ages, but is also aimed a bit more at those who are a bit older and want to get in shape. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable doing their own exercise program and working out in a group with a personal trainer. It would be a group lesson in the evening. This course is offered on Thursdays from 6 to 7 p.m. There is a $12 registration fee.

There are several ways for an interested person to join Aquacare Physical Therapy or Milford Lifestyle Fitness Center. A basic membership offers a 30-minute consultation with a fitness director who helps develop a plan toward fitness goals. There is also a post-rehab program which, in addition to a gym membership, receives three 30-minute sessions with an exercise specialist, providing a bit more structure. Finally, there is a program for those coming out of therapy that allows them to see a physical therapist in which the physical therapist develops a reduction program for them.

“We have clients currently involved in the post-rehabilitation program who are experiencing functional deterioration from Parkinson’s disease, one who has suffered a stroke and then, of course, some who are part of our total replacement program. post-rehabilitation knee injury,” Konlian said. . “Insurance will cover a certain amount of physiotherapy, but this program allows them to drop out of the program t when insurance no longer pays.”

One of the biggest obstacles faced in the field of physiotherapy is the continuous reduction in insurance reimbursement. This year alone, Medicare reimbursements for physical therapy have been reduced by 18.6%. Konlian explained that some places are solving the problem by seeing more patients to avoid rising costs. However, Aquacare chose to take the opposite approach as they have always prided themselves on the time they spend with each patient. They decided that despite the drastic cuts, they remained committed to providing individual care, which Konlian says sets Aquacare apart from other physical therapy centers.

“Our mission is to provide traditional therapy for chronic pain, back pain and shoulder pain,” Konlian said. “But we also offer specialized programs in areas that many physiotherapists are not involved in. “We have a women’s health program where we work with pregnant women as well as those who are postpartum. We recommend that any woman who has a baby see a therapist at = six weeks postpartum to assess her core strength and any issues that may have developed during pregnancy. There are a lot of potential long-term problems that pregnancy causes and if we can combat it, especially after the first child, that’s a bonus. We also work with people with incontinence and pelvic pain, both men and women. We assist with urological and gynecological disorders, such as pain during intercourse, urgency and frequency of urination.

Konlian said Aquacare is one of the few places on the east coast that offers pelvic floor therapy. They also specialize in balance disorders and dizziness. A therapist specializing in LSVT, a treatment for Parkinson’s disease, as well as hand and spine specialists can be found at the Milford site.

During the months of January and February, anyone who purchases a six- or 12-month fitness center membership will receive one month free. Anyone interested in physical therapy, gym membership, or the athletic specialty program can call 302-491-4196 or visit the website at or stop by the fitness center physical. Staff are there most days to help anyone with questions. Hours of operation for the Milford site are Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm.