Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit nearly three years ago, access to gyms, fitness studios, and in-person group classes has been limited to say the least. While many studios and fitness centers have reopened with tighter restrictions and social distancing measures, the sudden appearance of the Omicron variant has, well, complicated things. If you’re still hesitant to go back to IRL fitness settings but desperately miss the live feedback, human interaction, and increased motivation you’ve gotten from connecting with other fitness enthusiasts, Bande’s virtual fitness studio is here to help bring that same level of interactivity to the digital space.

There are plenty of online fitness classes available today, from free YouTube videos and of course expensive interactive fitness tools like the infamous Peloton, Lululemon’s Fitness MIRROR and the compact Tempo home gym, but if it’s just not for you, Bande Live Online Fitness Classes may be just the thing you need to fill that void, In a nutshell, Band services are designed to “reproduce the motivation, personal attention, and palpable energy found in a workout class. in person, brought to you through your screen.”

Virtual Fitness Studio Band

Bande Fitness digital offers gives you the same in-person boutique class experience while providing the same sense of community to help drive motivation, accountability, and progress.

Bandaged offers two-way live and on-demand online classes led by world-class fitness instructors and ranging from cardio boxing, dance, pilates, HIIT, meditation, and more. The best part is that the instructors don’t just teach you – they can actually see you and other class participants, which means they offer real-time feedback, form correction, and the same strategies. of motivation that you expect in real time. life parameters. It gives you the same sense of community that helps keep you motivated and accountable, except instead of having to head to the gym and mask up, you can do it from your living room or bedroom. Yes it’s true is The best of both worlds.

Best of all, the prices are super affordable – it’s probably a lot cheaper than your monthly gym membership. There are three different plans to choose from: Starter ($40/month), premium ($80/month), which offers both live classes and real-time personal training sessions, and All Access ($180/month) which gives you unlimited access to classes and personal training plus a $100 merchandising kit. Right now, Bande is running a special offer where you can get a 7-day, 1-month free trial for just $4. If you’re looking to keep your fitness goals on track while away from home, now is the perfect time to try Band’s unique two-way virtual fitness platform.

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New members can try Tape free for a week and get their next month for just $4 instead of the usual $40.

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