Bayport-Blue Point High School allows students to take a gymnastics class on wheels.

The new bike program is part of a new grant that improves the curriculum.

Tricia Livington, a physical education teacher and chair of health and physical education at the school, says they wanted to infuse something different.

A state grant of $1,500 provided six new bikes and helmets.

The neighborhood seed organization and the Bayport Blue Point Booster Club provided more money to give the class a total of 10 bikes and helmets.

The class now tours local towns.

“I think it changes the attitude when they know it’s a spring day and they know we have a bike unit in the program,” Livingston said. “They’re looking forward to it, they’re asking for it.”

The students say they haven’t cycled in a long time and are happy to be cycling again.

Camille Valentine, a senior from Bayport Blue Point High School, says she hadn’t ridden a bike since middle school.

“I was like, ‘OK, let’s do this,'” Valentine says. “It’s fun and it’s something I haven’t done in a long time. It’s nice to get out and not be in a stuffy room all day.”

Other students say it’s good to get out of the buildings and into the fresh air during the day.

The grant was awarded through the American Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance Association of New York State.

Their goal is to add 14 more bikes