A personal trainer who exercised in his own backyard was apparently yelled at by his furious neighbor for “violating” his “human rights”.

Wimbledon’s Joanne Groves says she was teaching an online session for a client outside in the garden when her angry neighbor started yelling at her for “yelling”.

In a bizarre TikTok video which has now gone viral, the neighbor can apparently be heard saying, “Can you stop yelling please?” You are violating my human rights, you scream.

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While performing lunges with her headphones, Joanne responds, “I’m barely screaming, I have Covid, I can’t even scream.”

The angry neighbor apparently interrupts and says, “You have Covid and you are in the garden? That means I can’t go out into the garden!”

The furious neighbor finally tells Joanne to “f *** off”

A second video of the rude encounter shows Joanne reacting to the neighbor’s remarks and what she did next.

Continuing with her sharp movements, Joanne slams, “Oh for god’s sake, grow up.”

To which the bubbling neighbor seems to be screaming back, “Oh no fuck you.”

Current NHS guidelines do not prohibit people from exercising in their private gardens if they have tested positive for Covid – so Joanne is right and the neighbor is wrong.

The first of Joanne’s two TikTok videos has now passed eight million views, with nearly 700,000 likes and over 8,000 comments.

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Thousands of people have listened to comments in support of Joanne.

“Her MUST be called Karen,” one person commented.

Another wrote: “No way it’s your neighbor?!?! What a lovely person.”

“It’s hysterical,” said a third.

Joanne recalled the incident to Daily Mail: “I teach a 30 minute outdoors class online every day and I spoke to my client through her movements. It’s ironic because I wasn’t screaming. She was clearly stressed.

“I haven’t spoken to her since, she’ll just have to wait and see that she’s gone viral.”

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