Bodybuilder Joe Mackey continues to turn heads with his impressive feats of strength. In a recent Instagram video, Mackey lifted 725 pounds for reps while training.

With over a decade of experience in the sport of bodybuilding, Mackey has learned the proper techniques needed to lift heavy weights. Along with his strength, Mackey has made a name for himself in the IFBB Pro League. His massive arms and full chest have earned him a reputation as having one of the best upper bodies in the Open Division.

In 2019, Joe earned 11th place at the New York Pro. Although he didn’t finish on the podium, he delivered a stellar East Coast package that arguably featured some of the best conditioning of his career. Despite the unfavorable result, Mackey returned for one show the following year, where he landed eighth at the 2020 Tampa Pro.

Last year, he took his talents to the 2021 Chicago Pro and won 12th place respectively. Following the result, Mackey took time away from the stage to build an even better physique. In April, the bodybuilder hit a massive 900-pound raw deadlift PR in training, which he dedicated to the late Cedric McMillan. It seems that his relentless training efforts have not been in vain.

It’s been a busier year so far for the Open’s rising contender. He kicked off the season with a fourth-place finish at the 2022 Tampa Pro. While bringing a polished package to the Texas Pro a week later, he was passed by other Open stars like Steve Kuclo, Martin Fitzwater and Andrew Jacked. After a busy few weeks, Joe is back in the gym doing what he loves.

Check out Joe Mackey’s 725lb raw deadlift for a ‘light’ back day

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Joe Mackey showed off his insane strength by pulling a 725-pound deadlift for the reps.

“725 for sets of x3 for a light day today.
Deadlift first day in months
Just having fun picking things up and putting them down. Joe Mackey wrote.

According to Mackey, he hasn’t deadlifted in months. The facelift was performed using cuffs and a lifting belt. Mackey is known for his strength, especially when it comes to deadlifts. Bodybuilding guru Milos “The Mind” Sarcev was impressed with Mackey’s recent facelift and poked fun at the bodybuilder saying it was a “light day”.

IG screenshot

Mackey also made headlines after participating in CT Fletcher’s Iron Wars VI Force Festival. In addition to Fletcher’s 700-pound triple bench press, Mackey excelled with an 850-pound deadlift.

Joe continues to prove why he is one of the strongest male bodybuilders in the league. After showcasing incremental improvements to his lifts, Mackey intends to do the same for his physique in the coming weeks.

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After a 725-pound deadlift for the reps, it looks like Joe Mackey’s strength is building. If Mackey continues to train with this type of intensity, improvements in bodybuilding will likely follow.