Owner Nikkie Smith Shows Mayor Greg Brackenridge Some Techniques

It’s the latest exercise craze to sweep the country and involves participants being tied to a bungee cord by a harness.

The elastic nature of the rope means there is very little impact through the joints, making it an ideal way to stay in shape if you have joint problems, sciatica, arthritis, or if you you are recovering from an injury.

Personal trainer Nikkie Smith, who lives in Wolverhampton, hopes people will jump for joy when they first try this fun aerobic workout. She opened her own studio, Nikkie-Jay’s Bungee Fit, in Blakenhall, offering beginner and advanced classes.

Bungee Fitness is said to have appeared at the Stories to Tales Theater in Bangkok, Thailand about five years ago. In 2017, Tough Lotus in Arizona became one of the first studios to bring it to the United States and since then it has grown in popularity around the world.

Fitness fanatics in the UK have tried out the new style of training and spread the word about the benefits it can offer participants.

Nikki, who trained as a personal trainer two years ago, was looking for a new workout to try when she discovered bungee fitness.

“I trained as a personal trainer after traveling for 12 years. I moved abroad when I was 16 and it was only supposed to be for six months, but loved it so much that I continued to travel. When I was living in Spain I started working on my own fitness and people would see me use the gym near the beach and ask if I could train them too.

“I decided to train properly and went back to UK and graduated as a PT instructor and started my own studio.

“I discovered bungee fit because I was looking for a new form of exercise that not many people knew in the UK and was not available in our area. I wanted something that anyone, of any age, could do and that was fun too. I found the elastic fit. There are only a handful of bungee fit studios in the UK.

“I went to my nearest fitness studio in Nottingham and took private lessons to qualify as a bungee jumping instructor, passing my exams for the first time,” says the 39 year old man.

Participants wear a harness and are attached to a rubber band. Nikkie then takes them through different movements and exercises that will work their whole body while being gentle on the joints.

“It’s a very low impact because the bungee takes most of the weight. People who would normally have difficulty doing exercises like push-ups and squats can do them much more easily. They can do a lot more than they normally would and can build upper body strength, leg strength, and body strength, with reduced impact on joints and ligaments.

“One of the other benefits is that it builds your endurance and physical resilience. It increases your metabolism and burns a lot of calories, helps you lose weight, get fitter and stronger, and improves your coordination, ”says Nikkie.

The exercises are gradual and regressive, so participants can perform more difficult versions of the same exercise if they find it too easy, and vice versa. Another big benefit of training is that people find it very enjoyable and look forward to class, Nikkie told Weekend.

“Some people go to the gym because they love it and others because they have to. People really like bungee because it’s fun and doesn’t feel like exercise. This means they will continue. There is no pressure on them or competitiveness, they can exercise at their own pace, ”she explains.

Providing a welcoming environment is important to Nikkie, and she says people will never feel rushed at the end of a workout, allowing them to chat and make new friends.

Nikkie’s studio, located on Sedgley Street, was officially opened by Wolverhampton Mayor Councilor Greg Brackenridge last month.

At the event, she held 15-minute practice sessions so visitors could try out the workout for the first time. Nikkie teaches one hour and 15 minutes at 4:45 p.m., 6:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. Monday through Friday and at 8:45 a.m., 10:15 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. on Saturday. It also offers private lessons. “I really like coaching people and they are having a lot of fun. Everyone who has tried a course has booked to come back for more. I think the bungee fit is great because it suits everyone, all ages and abilities, and all fitness levels, and it has a lot of benefits, ”says Nikkie.

For more information see nikkiejaysbungeefit.co.uk or email [email protected]