As part of the NBA’s 75th anniversary celebration, the Brooklyn Nets unveiled their Legacy project to mark the league’s anniversary with the reopening of the renovated fitness room at the Joseph Miccio Community Center in Red Hook.

Brooklyn Nets voice Olivier Sedra served as MC for the event, as ESB Global Executive Vice President of Community Relations and Communications Mandy Gutmann was joined by Good Shepherd Executive Director Michelle Yanche Services, Roland Knight, Senior Community Center Program Director Joseph Miccio, Board Member Alexa Aviles and Nets legend Albert King.

The fitness room was damaged during Hurricane Ida in 2021 and was unusable until renovations. “To commemorate the NBA’s 75th anniversary, teams across the league have been working hard to renovate spaces in their communities,” Gutmann said. “In particular, we focus on spaces where young people live, learn and play and this is a space where young people definitely learn and play, so very appropriate, which is why we have identified this space as our project of 75th anniversary legacy.”

The Miccio Community Center serves families in NYCHA Red Hook homes with year-round programming. “Healthy living, first and foremost,” Knight said. “We want to try a culinary program that we have up to teaching our young people how to cook and eat well and eat healthy, and then combine that with physical training. We also want to use this space as a mentoring space, not only to train, but also to have conversations about training, the importance of being in good physical shape and being able to have discussions here.

As part of the renovation, the Nets provided treadmills, a bike machine, weights and stands, benches and other multifunctional equipment. In addition, the space has been decorated with three murals. “It represents Red Hook,” Knight said. “He represents the Miccio. He represents each one of us. Everyone in this room, all of our participants. We all want peace and we all want unity and unfortunately it has been very difficult for the last two years, especially during the pandemic, but I think we are on the road to recovery.

Good Shepherd Services operates the Miccio Community Center Fitness Center and operates more than 80 programs serving nearly 30,000 youth and their family members throughout New York City. “Young people want to participate in activities and we need to make these things available,” Yanche said. “For young people to get involved in healthy exercise and activity, I think after the pandemic, because we all need to be more active, to exercise again, I think it’s going to be a real draw.”

Gutmann thanked the NBA, the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development, Good Shepherd Services, NYCHA and the Miccio Community Center. “Brooklyn Nets, it’s been a pleasure, it’s been an honor,” Knight said. “I can’t begin to talk about how important this is to our community. I look forward to continuing this partnership because as I have told others this is just the first step in getting our community center to where it needs to be and it is a place where everyone can go.