You’ve seen several New York State Troopers, probably a few over the past week. Have you ever thought about what they need to do to pass their fitness tests? What does this test require?

Then, once a person has become a soldier, must they continue to re-certify their fitness? This got me wondering, what are the minimums for someone to be in the New York State Troopers, in terms of fitness? Do you have to be able to do 15 Spartan races?

What does the New York State Trooper Physical Fitness Examination involve?

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In order to train to become a New York State Trooper, you must be in good physical condition. For some the word decent simply means being able to meet the requirements, for others it means exceeding those requirements. Requirements include a specific minimum number of sit-ups, push-ups, and the ability to run a distance in a short time.

Are the fitness requirements the same for women and men? Or are they different?

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Requirements are broken down by gender, age, and then percentiles. The age ranges are 20 to 29, then 30 to 39. In addition to these physical requirements a candidate must pass, they must also have a medical certification assessment also completed and delivered before they can begin training.

So, is their training like Rocky versus Draco in Rocky IV or like facing Mr. T in Rocky 3?

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As someone who has never had to pass a rigorous aptitude test for employment or for any other reason, the test seems pretty basic. A requirement of 35 to 45 sit-ups in one minute, depending on age and gender. 18 to 41 push-ups and be able to run 1.5 miles in 14.5 minutes. Again, these requirements are fluid, depending on gender and age.

What types of sit-ups and push-ups are on the NYS Trooper fitness exam?

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That’s an excellent question. There is a specific way to test yourself on both. So specific that there is a video on the NYS Trooper site, which shows you exactly how you will need to do them. Good luck with your training.

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