A physical therapy and fitness center in Cecil Township celebrated its grand opening on Thursday.

Inner strength: Physio. Aptitude. The athletics, 108 Commerce Blvd., is for women 50 and older, co-owner Ryan Wade said.

“We pioneered the idea of ​​Inner Strength to help women over 50 … be able to get back to the activities they love with the people they love,” Wade said.

To this end, Inner Strength offers services such as physical therapy, personal training, behavioral therapy, nutrition coaching, and healthy behavior coaching.

Wade hopes their programming can help women find consistency with their health.

“The people we work with have kind of been trained on this crazy road to health and fitness, and a lot of them have gained 20 pounds, lost 20 pounds, 10, 20 times in their lifetime,” Wade said. “We wanted to be able to show them what stability looks like, create a lifestyle around their health, and get to a place where they can really enjoy it with other people like them so they don’t feel bad about it. ‘easy.”

Wade added that the best way to create consistent routines is to create an environment that their clients look forward to visiting every day.

Wade started Inner Strength with Dr. Tyler Bordick in 2014 when they opened their first location in Robinson Township.

At the time of expansion, Wade said they were looking in the South Hills, as Bordick is a resident of Peters Township.

The new site started operating in January. Thursday’s event, hosted by the Peters Township Chamber of Commerce, was a ribbon cutting highlighting their grand opening, Wade said.

“The room was great. They were very welcoming. They were able to help us connect,” Wade said. “We just want to give back. The bedroom in this way has opened doors for us to be able to do just that.

More information about Inner Strength can be found at innerstrengthpgh.com. They can also be reached at 412-472-7413.