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Here are some incredible tips to keep you healthy and fit, physically and mentally.

Prepare your body for training

Always start your workout with a warm up. Warming up appropriately (meaning moving enough to raise your body temperature) ensures that your body is prepared to handle the stress of physical activity safely.

Don’t compromise your safety

If you are sick or feel too tired, do not exercise. If you don’t feel well, exercise can make it worse, and if you’re very exhausted, you risk injury.

Organize the space where you will train

Keep your workout area clean and clutter-free. Return the weights to the rack. Hang up the towels. Allowing your workout space to become an improvised obstacle course can increase your risk of injury (eg tripping, falling, etc.).

Follow the instructions

Understand how to perform the many activities that make up your workout routine. If you are going to use equipment, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Have a game plan

Establish an accurate baseline for your current level of fitness, then develop a solid (i.e., safe, effective, and successful) plan to achieve your fitness goals based on that assessment. Keep in mind that your strategy is a living organism. Therefore, put it in writing and review it regularly to see if any changes are needed.

Proceed with caution

Never try to take too much at once. Start slowly when you start exercising, then gradually increase the amount of exercise as your body adapts.

Use your lungs

Never hold your breath while working out, especially when lifting weights. During exercise, holding your breath can produce an increase in internal chest pressure (inner rib cage), which can prevent blood from returning to your heart. This movement can also reduce the amount of blood flow (and therefore oxygen) to the rest of your body.


When you exercise, don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you if you’re overdoing it. Always pay attention to these signals (eg sharp pain, dizziness, nausea, etc.). If you exceed your body’s ability to adapt to the amount of physical stress placed on it, having a “warrior” mindset will not protect you.

Don’t let the forces overwhelm you

When you strength train, keep the speed of the weights you lift under control. Dropping or throwing the weight puts an excessive load force on the skeletal joints of your body. Your body is subject to the same adage. Minimize the amount of bouncing and explosive movements.

be ready

Know what to do if you need help. If you go to a health/fitness club, find out about the facility’s emergency plan and where important safety items are kept (e.g. first aid equipment, medications antiepileptics, etc.). Also be aware of the location of the nearest phone to get help and the phone number to call to get it. Train with a friend or personal trainer whenever possible.

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