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Children have a unique experience at Albany Summer Camp

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – Some kids are having a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience on a beautiful property where they’ll learn things they never could have learned in school.

Camp RESORA, a former slave plantation, is now a one-of-a-kind getaway in southwest Georgia.

Camp RESORA offers children a unique learning experience on a beautiful property. Just down the road from Second Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Second Mt. Zion Baptist Church pastor Theodus Drake said the children had the opportunity to diversify and develop their social skills.

“They make friends for one thing. They learn to have social interaction in an open space, outside of a controlled environment. So, in this beautiful place, children can move around and play sports together. And see nature and talk about heritage,” Drake said.

To make this property black-owned, organizers said it was important for children to understand the importance and impact it has on the community.

“Even just the history of the ownership, learning, you know where it’s from, and it was once you know, a plantation and things like that, now it’s black owned. And we do great things in the community, things like that,” said property manager Michael Smith.

There are six main focuses with which students can engage. Including physical fitness, social and academic skills.

“It’s fitness and wellness and it’s from coach Latasha Mathis and that technique that (the kids were doing earlier) did tinikling. So they were doing that with ropes and stuff or whatever whatever, and the campers were joining too. She said you can do it with shirts if you don’t have those strings. You can also do it with duct tape and things like that. But it’s a little fun exercise, and it’s also fun to work on your energy,” said camp director Takisha Campbell.

This is the first time this camp has been offered and the organizers hope to continue this partnership next year.

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