Great Bend Ward 1 councilor Lindsey Krom-Craven suggested at Monday night’s council meeting that offering benefits to council members could encourage more people to run for office. The idea is taken under advisement by administration officials.

“When the post came out for those running for the county commission against the city council, I was asked if I had any thoughts on why the county commission has tons of people running execution and the city council struggled to get only those who sat on the board. (to file for candidacy),” Krom-Craven said, “I was asked specifically if it was about the salary and benefits the county commission collects from the city and I said that could be examined.

His idea was to come up with “fiscally responsible, low-cost, even no-cost benefits” that they could offer to those who sit on the board. “It could serve as an incentive to get involved,” she said.

She mentioned Wetlands water park passes or fitness club memberships, like those given to other city employees.

It was noted that at some point in the past council members received an allowance. But the practice was phased out when council members refused to accept it, believing it went against the act of public service.

She also suggested offering agenda packets and handouts in electronic form using a tablet at meetings for those who would prefer that. “It would just be another alternative option for those of us who might find it easier.”

“I agree that maybe that’s why nobody’s running for office,” said Ward 4 councilwoman Natalie Towns. ‘they don’t have the time, but the commissioners I know have insurance and some sort of salary.’

Of course, Towns said being on the board takes time.

“I think it’s something that you and I and (City Administrator Kendal Francis) could sit down and we could come up with some ideas and bring them to council and see where that leads,” Mayor Cody said. Schmidt.