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City of Albany in talks to purchase YMCA Sports Park

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) — At the time, recreational activities in the city of Albany were limited, leaving residents wanting more for the area.

Monday, Jim Wallace of WALB spoke with Albany Mayor Bo Dorough about a proposed purchase of the Albany Area YMCA Sports Park.

“Mr. Mayor, the YMCA has asked you that the city purchase the sports park on Gillionville Road. It’s just a talking point now, but it’s something the city is thinking about, coming out of the pandemic,” Wallace said.

“Yes, Jim. The public is very dissatisfied with the quality of our facilities and our limited programs. Unfortunately, the city has reduced recreation over the past 20 years and we are committed to reversing this trend. We want to expand our programs facilities and renovate or replace our existing facilities,” said Mayor Dorough. “And an opportunity that has arisen recently is the possibility of acquiring the YMCA Sportspark. , four football pitches, two smaller football pitches, a gym building, a swimming pool and toilets.Of course the property needs some work but it would be significantly cheaper than buying a property.And we we could continue to use this property for recreational purposes and hopefully in conjunction with the YMCA.

“And the YMCA came to town with this proposal. Obviously recreation is something, coming out of the pandemic recreation is absolutely vital to this city,” Wallace said.

“Obviously one of the biggest causes of the health disparity, as we’ve seen and the poor outcomes during the pandemic have been, so many of us are not physically fit. And we want to improve, but also modernize existing recreation facilities. In other words, we want to put a fitness center in each of our community centers. So that adults who are not going to play baseball for young people, who are not going to play football, have a place where they can come and ride a treadmill, ride a stationary bike, exercise and hopefully improve their health,” Dorough said.

“So that’s something you’re proposing. What are the chances of it bearing fruit?

“We are only at the discussion stage now, but we have tried to involve the county. We hope the county will contribute. Also, be involved in the operation of the Sports Park. One thing, our youth baseball has always been run by volunteers, by parents. And so many of the Northwest Albany people involved with the program have repeatedly urged the city to acquire property where you could have multiple baseball diamonds. This is a perfect opportunity for that,” Dorough replied.

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