Yonkers city officials and community members cut the ribbon for the new Dunn Park Fitness Center photo by Joe Panella

On November 2, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and the Yonkers Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation officially unveiled new state-of-the-art fitness centers at Dunn and Columbus parks. The new park amenities are part of Mayor Spano’s ongoing commitment to providing equitable access and promoting health and fitness among residents of all ages.

“Yonkers is continually investing in and improving the resources we provide to our residents, which includes Yonkers’ 78 neighborhood parks,” said Mayor Spano. “These parks are nestled in our communities and become the fabric of our city. Providing accessible and innovative amenities like these fitness centers makes our park system one of the most robust in the country. »

Dunn Park, located at Vineyard Avenue and Fr. Finian Sullivan Drive, includes the addition of a rubber-mat fitness center that includes KOMPAN equipment: two handcycles, twist and flex wheel, power walk and a balance board. All equipment is ADA accessible and can be linked to the KOMPAN app for personalized fitness adjustments.

Columbus Park, located on Park Hill Avenue, recently completed the first of three phases of renovations that include a new playground, fitness center and basketball court. New benches, fences and plantings are expected to complete the park’s renovations later this year.

The City of Yonkers recently opened new fitness centers in Stefanik, Coyne, Singlak-Keehan, O’Boyle and Barton parks. More fitness centers are expected to open in the coming year.