COLLEGE STATION, Texas – New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, but with gyms full of people determined to get in shape, maintaining health and wellness could be a burden for many of us.

A Brazos Valley center uses the words of an American icon to inspire focus.

Dr King has inspired and motivated people to believe in their dreams, now the Lincoln Center is helping the community not only to dream, but to put them to work.

“When we talk about dreams, it works,” said Cheletia Johnson, supervisor of Lincoln Center.

“We all know Dr. King had a dream and his dream included character building, lifestyle changes, and so here at Lincoln Center these are the things we want to promote better lives for everyone. “,

Lincoln Center is hosting its first in-person health and wellness event encouraging the community to start the year off on the right foot.

“Most people are generally health conscious at the start of the year,” Johnson said.

“I just like to agree, why not organize an exhibition on health and fitness and it is also a way for us to show the community what we offer at the center, as far as fitness is concerned”,

Lincoln Center offers a variety of fitness classes like Zumba and more.

But wellness is more than physical, which is why organizers say wellness is a multi-step approach.

And it was important to include the health department’s mobile vaccination efforts; they offer COVID vaccines and booster shots.

Other resources were present such as the Texas A&M AgriLife extension and much more.

“Better Living for Texans works specifically with limited resource audiences and really delivers these resources to groups that otherwise wouldn’t receive them,” said Katie Zender, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Better Living for Texas Program.

Dr King made the fight against injustice his life’s mission and that included the fight for better health services and health care for all. This is why Cheletia Johnson says it is so important to inspire the next generation to be healthy.

“When we talk about fitness and exercise, it’s enough to be active as long as you do something for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day and your body is moving, that’s exercise,” Johnson said.

Lincoln Center hopes to host health and wellness events each quarter and will add services that will provide something for everyone in the Brazos Valley community.