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Conway dedicates building to Parks & Rec ‘father figure’ Kenneth Senn

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – On Monday, the town of Conway came together to mark a legacy by dedicating a building in honor of Ken Senn.

Senn joined the town of Conway in July 1982 and since then has impacted the lives of children, athletes and adults who call Conway home.

The Athletic Office at Conway Athletic and Fitness Center has been renamed Ken Senn Athletic Office.

The building has been in use for over 40 years.

Senn was previously Director of Parks and Recreation and most recently Procurement Specialist in the Finance Department.

His mission was to expand the current sports complex, and community members said none of this would have been possible without Senn.

“He was the guy I looked up to,” said Ashley Smith, the resort’s current director of recreation. “He was a father figure to a lot of young athletes in my time, back in the 80s and 90s. he did so much for this community. He is the cornerstone of what we have now in our sports and fitness center” , Smith said.

Senn said her biggest achievement was watching the kids grow and succeed.

“You come here and you see a kid go through a program, and then years later you see him give back to the program, or you see him succeed in life,” Senn said.

Senn wanted to give coaches more credit over the years for their role in helping athletes, but community members reminded him that he put it all together.

“We like to recognize greatness,” Smith said. “We like to acknowledge and leave a legacy so people understand where we started, where we are going and where we are right now.”

Ken Senn retired in January 2022.

Smith said he looks forward to expansions that include additional fields this summer.

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