DC outperforms most other cities when it comes to healthy living. He ranked #10 overall on WalletHub, but there is room for improvement when it comes to fitness.

DC outperforms most other cities when it comes to healthy living.

A new WalletHub survey released on Monday looked at four key categories that drive wellbeing, including quality of healthcare, food, fitness and amount of green space.

And DC ranked No. 10 overall in WalletHub rankings.

The researchers found that the district ranks high in three of these four categories. DC scored highest in the food category, which means the district has plenty of places, such as farmers’ markets, to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Where the district needs to see improvement is in the fitness category. The study found that fewer adults were working out in DC compared to other locations. One of the reasons could be the cost: it is one of the cities with the highest average monthly cost of a fitness club membership.

San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego were the top ranked cities overall. Laredo, Texas; Gulfport, Mississippi; and Brownsville, Texas, were bottom, ranked No. 180 through 182, respectively.

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