The Broncos general manager also thinks the $161 million guarantee on QB Russell Wilson’s contract will “hold up.”

HARROW, UK – George Paton is the boss of the set Broncos‘soccer division. Scouts, coaches, players, equipment managers, training facilities, weight room, everything.

Nathaniel Hackett is the head coach who was hired by Paton. Hackett is responsible for coaching Broncos players to victory.

Which doesn’t happen often enough. The Broncos are 2-5 — much like their previous five seasons, but well below expectations after the team acquired star quarterback Russell Wilson — going into their Sunday game against the Jacksonville Jaguars of even 2-5 at Wembley Stadium in London.

Due to the Broncos’ dismal record and inept offense that ranks dead last in the NFL in scoring with a paltry 14.3 points per game, Hackett, a first-time head coach, has come under fire from pundits. national and local, not to mention the Denver fan. base.

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After a first-game, 17-16 loss at Seattle in which he chose an unlikely 64-yard field-goal try instead of a less unlikely, fourth-and-5 chance with his famous returning quarterback, Hackett mainly been accused of not being ready for the big job.

Paton has indicated that he will stick with his trainer as he evolves.

“I believe in Nathaniel,” Paton said as his Broncos practiced Thursday at Harrow School Fitness Club. “I support Nathaniel 100%. He has been there for seven games as head coach. The scrutiny he faces is unprecedented. We had four primetime games, so he had to learn in front of the whole world.

“But I really like how he kept the team together. They’re connected. He kept our building together. I appreciate how he coped.

“I see the everyday with Nathaniel,” Paton said. “I see it in front of the team. It’s tough losing five games the way we lost. And Nathaniel has great leadership. And he kept our coaching staff, really our whole building together.”

But for many fans and media watchers, it’s hard to reconcile what happens behind the headquarters doors with what happens in front of everyone on game day. Especially in attack, where Hackett’s expertise lies. Hackett is not only the head coach of the Broncos, he is their offensive playmaker.

In six of their seven games, the Broncos have scored one or no touchdowns. Why did the offense go so wrong?

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“It’s not just a thing as you can see,” Paton said. “A lot of novelty. A new team of coaches. Lots of new players, new quarterback, new patterns – it just doesn’t go together, and I knew it wasn’t going to be a well-oiled machine. I knew it would take time. Obviously it is, but there are a lot of things we need to work on.

“Then we have injuries in attack,” he said. “Our coaching staff are trying to learn from each other. Our players are trying to learn from each other. So that’s a lot. No excuses. We have to be better, obviously. The attack hasn’t wasn’t good enough to win games. The defense kept us in the game, but the offense needs to play better.

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After Hackett, the blame for the Broncos’ poor start was directed at Wilson, who fell short of the caliber he established as a nine-time Pro Bowler in his previous 10 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks.

“Russell, as we talked about, there’s a lot of new stuff,” Paton said. “He is trying to teach the staff, these guys are trying to teach him and all of our players. We know what Russell is capable of and it’s our job to get the most out of Russ and our entire offense. I know we will get there.

“We saw flashes with Russ, whether it was the first half for the Raiders, the first half for the Chargers. You see the strength of the arms, the precision, the mobility and we all have to play better, for sure, in attack.

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Wilson’s struggles early in the season – he ranks 25th among league passers – and recent string of injuries (strained shoulder and strained hamstrings in the space of three weeks) have raised concerns that the quarterback isn’t the same physically as he moves in the five weeks after his 34th birthday, while questioning Paton’s decision to extend his contract for a guaranteed $161 million over the next four years.

As the new contract wasn’t executed until five months after the trade, there seems to have been a time when Paton wanted to see Wilson play before making such a heavy financial commitment, to close the deal around 10 days. before the season opener.

“We considered everything,” Paton said. “We just wanted to get ahead of the contract cycle. We had seen how Russ was during the offseason and training camp and we felt really good with Russ. We feel really good with Russ. We wanted to get ahead. We didn’t want a lot of distraction during the season. We feel really good there. I feel good about this deal. I have a feeling it will hold. I feel good with Russ.

Paton, Hackett and Wilson are all in that 2-5 mess together. All speak of better days to come.

“Obviously the results aren’t there,” Paton said. “Not good enough. We are 2-5 and we all need to improve and that starts with me. But I believe in this football team. I believe in the people in our building, in our coaching staff, that we can topple steam. It’s only 7 games. We’ve been in all the games, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about winning games and we have to learn how to win games football. We didn’t do that.

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