I became crazy. I offered to buy a can of paint. The other day the door to the electrical room in our fitness center was repainted a lighter shade than the walls because “we didn’t have the right color anymore” and the other doors in the gym had to go through the same spell. So what, you wonder. Well, it was the same day that Roe v Wade was canceled. What the f*#! is wrong with me, I I was wondering. Well more than one thing, certainly. But it was something I could control. The door is now back to its proper shade of gray. And it reminded me that I care deeply about the design of my built environment.

Especially since COVID, using the term loosely, I consult friends who are house hunting, furnishing homes, updating wardrobes or trying to replace obscure treasures.

Even before malls turned into bowling alleys, I shopped online. As I mentioned here, Georgetown is still where I get my hair done and where I like to dine out (especially on the waterfront).

Direct marketing has moved online with me. Not an hour goes by without suggestions of things I might want to fill my inbox and Instagram feed. Sometimes they are right. Sharing some recently discovered brands that I love.

Marfa’s Position

On AirMail, I first read about this enduring Italian luxury brand with options for removable hoods, collars and liners. Simply the best version of a puffy coat! In many styles and colors in addition to short and black. But you know me.

Marfa Stance reversible short quilt.

Just water

I drink a lot of bottled water and all that plastic is terrible for the environment. When I was in Copenhagen last year I found out they serve it in boxes. Now me too!


My iPhone13 Pro photos are so good that I rarely travel with a camera. A little bulky at first but absolutely anti-fall. With its sliding cover to protect the lens and its removable case for hands-free viewing, this case is perfect.

Ichi Antiques

One thing about online clothing shopping is that sizing is not consistent across brands. Never oversized or with too long sleeves, this one-size-fits-all Japanese designer fits me perfectly.

Printed corduroy top Ichi Antiquites

Victoria Walker

Ukraine in the lead, I was looking for a sunflower. I found a Cornish designer of the best kinetic flower jewelry.

Victoria Walker 18k Gold Sunflower Locket with Brown Diamonds


I wanted the best insulated water bottle ever. At the bedside and by the pool, I use it every day because it looks good, it really keeps the water cold forever, and the company is happy to customize.