A new gym that takes a holistic approach to health and wellness is changing the way people think about fitness.

DNA Fitness, which opened at Salmon Close in Cranebrook in March last year, offers the perfect combination of strength and fitness training with the ability to progress from one form more than the other.

The overall goal of the DNA team is to build an inclusive community, while promoting a healthy mind and body and enabling a competitive spirit.

They just opened a wellness studio that offers stretching, mobility, and range of motion classes that complement the different types of physical training available.

These classes will help you improve overall quality of movement, better muscle balance which focuses on proper activation and helps with joint stability and injury prevention.

With dedicated trainers with years of experience, you’ll feel motivated and supported to achieve your personal goals.

There is something for everyone at DNA Fitness, from stretching, mobility and core to explosive and dynamic movements with a particular focus on compound movements using a variety of equipment including dumbbells, dumbbells , kettle bells and the list goes on.

Combat classes increase the intensity while endurance sessions focus on the mental side of things to build physically and mentally strong people.

Bootcamp classes are a great group environment and DNA Challenges flip the idea of ​​traditional challenges by focusing on effort rather than numbers on scales and body measurements.

Although there are many gyms, DNA Fitness has created a community where every member not only shows up for themselves, but also for their team.

Everyone pushes themselves to achieve their personal goals.

After it’s all over, they reunite and celebrate at DNA social events where members and their families are welcome.

If you want to experience what the gym is all about and get your blood pumping, join the seven-day trial for just $7.

Find out what it’s all about by following DNA Fitness on Facebook or dna___fitness on instagram.