Fitness 50 Club members enjoy one of Dominic Yam's exercise classes
Fitness 50 Club members enjoy one of Dominic Yam’s exercise classes

Health, happiness and hope for a better lifestyle are the mantras that Dominic Yam, an 83-year-old fitness instructor, instills in his group at the Fitness 50 Club at Hamersley Leisure Center.

And, judging by the happy faces of the mostly women attending a recent Monday morning class, the exercise is paying off.

Sandra Wilson, of Greenwood, has been attending Dominic’s classes for 12 years.

“They are brilliant, really good,” she said. “I have arthritis and have had hip replacement surgery. I found the exercises to be excellent. Physically and mentally, they improve my health.

Shirley Lizza, from Balcatta, said she had been taking classes for about 10 years.

“They’re great with a happy atmosphere and you really get a workout,” she said. “Dominic makes him particularly interesting with his oriental philosophy.”

Jen Hilgendorf, of Karrinyup, who started classes nine weeks ago, said she discovered muscles she hadn’t used in decades.

“It took about six weeks for the benefits to kick in and now I feel like my body has physically woken up.”

Dominic, an Australian citizen of Chinese descent, emigrated to Perth with his wife Amy from Ipoh, Malaysia, in 1980. He worked as an aeronautical engineer with MMA and later Skywest. He also worked at TAFE in Subiaco, teaching engineering.

“When I retired in 2005 I wanted to do something rather than stay home or play golf so I started training,” he said. took a three month course at the Institute for Fitness in Perth and upon graduation joined Fitness Australia, since renamed Aus Active. “

Dominic, who offers free consultations, started teaching 17 years ago. Today he teaches classes for 60-75 year olds at Hamersley Leisure Center on Mondays and Thursdays, with a Saturday class for those still working and also classes at Wanneroo and Joondalup.

“At the Fitness 50 Club, members are in the company of people their age with similar goals, as opposed to a gym full of young people where one can feel uncomfortable exercising.” , did he declare.

“The club’s objective is to help seniors resume physical activity. I realized that as you get older there is a tendency not to move like you did in youth. This reduces mobility, induces weakness in the legs and increases the risk of falls, causing serious injury. “

Dominic said the club also provided a meeting place where new friendships were often formed. The exercise routines are choreographed with easy-to-follow steps to old-fashioned popular music, making it a fun environment that adapts to each individual’s fitness level.

While adhering to the exercise standards set by Aus Active, the routines also incorporate Chinese philosophies of martial arts, tai chi movement exercises, qi gong (the art of deep breathing), foot reflexology and meditation art.

These help in the development of internal strength by overcoming mental stress, detoxifying internal organs and increasing mental strength.

Dominic himself is a picture of health despite having open heart surgery in 2012, quickly recovering from the procedure with a strict exercise routine.

“I receive immense joy in being able to help older people improve their health, their happiness and their hope, this is something that I want to pass on,” he said.

Dominic and Amy have two children and two grandchildren. In 2012, he received the Active Persons award and, in 2020, the Senior Community Citizen of the Year. He is also a life member of Fitness Australia.

“I want to awaken seniors to the joy of exercising. Staying at home is not good, ”he said.

Anyone wishing to join Dominic’s classes can contact him on 0415 301 142 or by email: [email protected]