The most common New Year’s resolutions focus on exercise, weight loss, and healthier eating, and Tahlequah is home to many experts and companies to help local residents achieve their goals.

Setting goals is important for anyone trying to be in better shape in 2022, but to get big gains, small steps must come first. Health experts also suggest finding help to achieve these goals. Heather Winn, family and consumer science educator at Cherokee County OSU Cooperative Extension Service, recommends seeing a doctor before starting a new workout program.

“First of all, people should go see their doctors and tell them what their plans are, especially if they’re not very healthy,” Winn said. “This could be the first step in their process. Get a regular physical exam, which isn’t a bad idea for anyone, to see where their starting point is.

The idea of ​​having a six-pack or being able to do a 300-pound bench press may be enough to spark interest in exercise. However, it’s easy for beginners to get discouraged when they see little progress. Winn said it’s about finding and setting smart, achievable goals. Losing one pound a week is realistic, while losing 20 pounds in a month is not.

“Define smaller steps to achieve a larger goal,” Winn said. “Just get outside and walk.” If you have no idea how to be healthier, I suggest you work with a trainer and someone who has experience in this area. They went to school to learn how to help people do it.

Anytime Fitness in Tahlequah has a New Years special, with the first month of membership free, and the key fob used to enter the gym is also free. It’s a 24-hour facility that offers free tanning with a subscription. It has free weights, cardio equipment, a group gym, showers and more.

Principal Vanisa Ross said the gymnasium saw a large influx of people interested in getting new memberships after Christmas. She suggests exercising and eating healthier a habit for everyone, and said don’t expect results overnight.

“Remember that a bad day or a cheat day doesn’t have to be that,” she said. ” Do not give up. If you fall from the wagon, get back straight up. The best thing I see is the old people who have been doing this since probably before I was born and still come every day. It’s just what they do and is part of their day. They made it part of their way of life.

Gyms are good for people who have the motivation and knowledge to exercise on their own. Some may need a little more guidance, however, or they might be looking for something different from the norm.

Kyler Harris said that instead of paying for gym and trainer access separately, members get both at Okie Flow Fitness.

“I was looking for options to get advice, lead people through a good workout where we can modify and tailor by individual to your specific needs, but also make the community feel. Everyone always works harder in a group. CrossFit ticked all of those boxes for me when I was considering opening a gym, ”Harris said.

Those who sign up for Okie Flow Fitness will get a 50% discount on their first month. Members have seven classes to take each day, Monday through Friday, and the facility is also open on Saturdays. There is no limit to the number of classes a person can take, and a coach is available each day to guide members through a workout. After a warm-up, they modify the exercises and diets to suit each individual.

“Then we’ll take you through metabolic conditioning, strength training – whatever you need – and we’ll get you out in an hour,” Harris said. “That way it’s the most efficient, but funniest time of your day. “

Harris is another supporter of finding advice and taking small steps when setting fitness goals.

“Find someone you know who is leading the lifestyle that you eventually want to achieve and start very small,” he said. “If you start out too big you end up failing. If you start small, strive to fix it, celebrate small successes, it will be much easier to keep going. “

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