Compiled by Matt Loeschman

PHOENIX – EoS Fitness has signed a new 42,500 square foot lease for a new facility in Park Central’s Goldwater building.

The new gym will have a first-floor entrance and kids’ club facing Central Avenue adjacent to the Zipps Sports Grill and will occupy 40,000 square feet of space on the second floor, where the main floor of the gym will be located. sport. The new gym adds new convenience to Park Central and the central area of ​​Phoenix and further expands the mixed-use features of the property.

Dave Reiseman, chief growth officer for EoS Fitness, said the Park Central location is ideal for the company because of its superior location in a thriving downtown Phoenix neighborhood.

“We are thrilled to announce our new location in Park Central and to be part of the exciting growth taking place in downtown Phoenix,” said Reiseman. “As we continue to expand and serve new neighborhoods across the state of Arizona, our purpose as a company remains the same: to provide an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone to focus on their individual goals. health and fitness.”

The new EoS Fitness is expected to open in the spring of 2023 after construction. The company signed a 15-year lease for the new center, which will become one of the main tenants of the revitalized part of the Park Central property.

Sharon Harper, President and CEO of Plaza Companies – co-owner and co-developer of Park Central – said the new EoS Fitness is a very beneficial addition to Park Central’s growing project.

“We are very excited to welcome EoS Fitness to Park Central,” she said. “It will be an exceptional amenity for those who live, work and play in Park Central, and it furthers our vision to transform Park Central into one of the area’s premier mixed-use properties. It’s yet another raffle that will reinforce the buzz and activity that makes Park Central unique.

Plaza Companies and Holualoa Companies of Tucson have partnered to redevelop Park Central into a vibrant destination. The companies transformed the project into a community center comprised of nearly 1 million square feet of space, ideal for living, working, playing, gathering and celebrating the arts.

Stan Shafer, COO of Holualoa Companies, said the new EoS Fitness will fit in well with the project’s combination of restaurants, retail, office and hospitality.

“This new EoS Fitness will provide a key resource for the many office tenants, students, visitors and community members who come to Park Central,” he said. “This area of ​​town needs such a facility and we look forward to working with EōS Fitness to make this new location one of their best facilities.”