Whether it’s a shooting day, a vacation or a break from a busy schedule, Bollywood celebrities never take a break from their workout regimen. They are known to have tried several forms of training to stay fit and healthy. However, an exercise routine is a favorite among many stars. If you guessed Pilates, then you’re absolutely right. The seemingly simple workout builds strength and flexibility in her body. Several stars love this routine including Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, Pooja Hegde, Kangana Ranaut and Kriti Sanon. And now Esha Gupta seems to be the latest star to be bitten by the Pilates bug. His latest gym video is proof of that.

Renowned fitness trainer Namrata Purohit, known for training Sara, Janhvi and Pooja among others, took to her Instagram page to share a video of Esha indulging in a fun Pilates session over the weekend. Namrata and Esha tried three different forms of Pilates exercises on the Cadillac Reformer with a Props Ball. “We jumped into the weekend [fire emoji] Esha Gupta #PilatesGirl,” Namrata captioned the post. (Also read: Esha Gupta in a nude bralette and high waisted slit skirt is stunning, see all the photos)

Watch the video here:

The video begins with Esha and Namrata doing a movement drill on the Cadillac Reformer, where they pushed their bodies with their legs while tossing the Props Ball in the air and catching it. Then, pushing their bodies upwards, they shuffled the balls under their legs. The final exercise featured the two sitting on the Cadillac on their knees and pushing their bodies with their palms. These exercises focused on developing upper and lower body strength and improving the core.

Benefits of Pilates:

Pilates helps improve body flexibility, correct posture, relax shoulders, neck and upper back, increase muscle strength and tone core muscles including abdominal muscles, lower back , hips and buttocks. It improves balanced muscle stability on both sides of the body and improves muscle control in the back and limbs.

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