It was a transformative season filled with challenges and fun for both Cooper City Optimist Cobras U12 women’s teams.

The 2010 CCO Cobras Red team competed in the gold and silver divisions, while the 2010 White club competed in the silver and bronze competition. The only common denominator the two clubs share is the tutelage they received under longtime coach Robert “Chico” Moss.

Moss wears many hats with the CCO Cobras as a coach and league commissioner.

With 16 boys and girls travel teams, the Cobras continue to develop players for the next level of competition in a cost-effective manner. The Brazil native’s passion for football is exceeded only by his passion for the players and their families in the Cobras program.

This season turned out to be one of the most rewarding years of Moss’ career.

“I’m one of the seniors here with CCO and I’ve probably been coaching for at least 20 years and running the travel program for the last 10 years,” Moss said. “We are the #1 all-volunteer travel football program in South Florida. We all do it for free because we are 100% volunteers. It’s a beautiful facility and we run a very healthy program.

Every year, the Cobras have run into the same problem with neighboring travel clubs looking to plunder Cooper City’s talent base with promises of scholarships and glory. Moss understands that’s the nature of the travel football world.

“There is nothing we can do about it because parents are sensitive to what is being sold to them for their children,” he said. “We are losing a lot of our best talent to surrounding clubs who sometimes deliver on those promises and sometimes don’t. What’s amazing with our league is that we’re growing with seven new travel clubs and my biggest issue is field space. As a year-round traveling soccer program, getting space on the pitch remains a challenge as we have more young teams wanting to join our program. These young teams are our future.

Cooper City provides three football venues for the league with the Cooper City Sports Complex, Bill Lips Park and Flamingo West Park where the Cobras play. It’s been a solid year for the Cobras travel organization with at least 10 of their clubs winning multiple tournaments.

Moss has a long history with the 2010 Women’s Team. Players continue to develop their skills, improve game intelligence, physical fitness and leadership skills.

“I coached the red team for five years and added the white team the following year,” he said. “We lost nine of our 14 red team players last year when we competed in the gold division. These girls moved up to top teams and it was supposed to be a rebuilding year, so we went down to the silver division, which we topped. Later we progressed and competed in the gold division and we did very well. Next year our red team will be a gold division club.

The Red and White teams have steadily improved over the season, resulting in strong tournament performances.

The 2010 Red Cobras were the West Pines Classic Silver Champions, the 2022 Wellington Shootout Silver Champions, the Plantation Thanksgiving Gold Finalist, the SFUYSA Fall League Division 2 Champions and a FYSA Commissioners Cup Division 1 Semi-Finalist.

The 2010 Red Club members are Maya Andrulonis, Andrea Martinez, Ava Andrulonis, Lauren Deperalto, Brienna Dominique, Alessandra Rojas, Soleil Rodriguez, Oriana Diaz, Elle Anderson, Jewel Bent and Camila Molina along with coaches and trainers Chico Moss, Erika Santana, Priscilla Andrulonis, Alix Dominique and Carlos Diaz.

The 2010 Cobras White team won the Weston Presidents Day Cup Bronze Championship, was Vero Beach Cup Bronze Finalist and United Cup Tournament Finalist.

The members of the 2010 Cobras White Club are Mila Rivas, Leonor Corea, Estefania Gonzalez, Taylor Farmer, Tatiana Fernandez, Anabella Bayon, Lainey Madalena, Gabriela Izquierdo, Kendall Palmieri, Gianna Curbelo, Mila Martinez, Gabriella Lozano, Andrea Dilone, Brianna Bean, Juliet Moor, Marissa Diaz, Ariela Rodriguez, Sasha Bryon, Eva Bryon, Hannah Gomez and trainers Chico Moss, Mauricio Bayon and Rob Farmer as well as Luis and Ashley Martinez, JP Rodriguez and Angie Bryon.

“Both teams achieved their lofty goals and showed they could play in the division above them,” Moss said. “We had a great year, and it was a celebration of love with the whole community behind us. In 25 years, I have never experienced anything like this. The parents were so positive and loving and they made all the hard work and allowed me to coach their kids. It’s been an amazing year. This year was so special.

The two combined teams of 31 players and their families celebrated the holidays together, enjoyed themed parties and rooted for each other.

“With the red and white players combined, we’ve become a pink community,” Moss said. ” It was magical. I feel very lucky and everything clicked this season.

Team leaders Janette Molina of the red club and Alma Gonzalez of the white team were an integral part of the 12U Cobras teams and directed the day-to-day operations of the team.

Five Cobras players, AJ Martinez, Ava Andrulonis, Oriana Diaz, Ally Rojas and Estefania Gonzalez, have been selected for FYSA’s Region A Olympic Development Program.