Florida ex-wife of murdered Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan has denied having an affair that ended their marriage – but her former personal trainer who says he was her former lover contradicted her claim in an interview with Fox News Digital.

As a Christmas present in late 2014, Bridegan bought then-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez a set of workouts – but the fitness instructor says the relationship had turned romantic weeks later.

The unsolved murder mystery of Bridegan, 33, reached a major milestone on Tuesday with the sixth anniversary of her death.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez insists she didn’t cheat on Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan, who was shot dead in his Jacksonville, Florida home.

He was shot on February 16 in front of his baby daughter, Bexley, on a wooded stretch of road in an upscale North Florida suburb.

The father-of-four left behind 10-year-old twins from his first marriage and two daughters, Bexley, 2, and London, 1, from his second.

“The last six months have been the hardest months of my life,” his widow, Kirsten Bridegan, 31, told Fox News Digital. “Jared was my sense of security and stability – he was my strength. All of this disappeared in an instant due to the cowardly acts of others.

Amid heightened public scrutiny, Gardner-Fernandez, 35, gave a rare interview to local Florida Times-Union newspaper in June in which she “denied published reports that she had an affair that led to the end of the marriage”.

Gardner-Fernandez, the scion of a prominent Utah Mormon family, also insisted she had nothing to do with the execution of her ex-husband, with whom she was locked up in a prison. A bitter, years-long divorce and custody battle that only ended with his death.

The trainer said Gardner-Fernandez, whose family owns the multimillion-dollar paper-making company Stampin’ Up!, told him she and Bridegan had been apart for months when their sessions allegedly took an unprofessional turn.

“They weren’t really talking,” said the instructor, who asked that his name be withheld to protect his privacy. “They lived on opposite ends of the house. She said she grew up a Mormon and she didn’t want [anymore].” Bridegan, on the other hand, remained a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Bridegan’s family members say the couple only separated shortly before Gardner-Fernandez filed for divorce on February 23, 2015 – after the design executive allegedly found sexually explicit messages between his wife of then and the man who claimed he was her weight-lifting lover.

Friends said the doting dad was willing to forgive the betrayal for the sake of their children – but Gardner-Fernandez wanted out, giving the judge a terse explanation for the split, ‘We don’t love each other anymore’, according to court documents .

Killed Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan along with his wife, Kirsten Bridegan, and their children.
Jared and Kirsten Bridegan with their two twins as well as toddlers Bexley and London.

The day after filing for divorce, Gardner-Fernandez went to a tattoo parlor to get pierced and listed her trainer-turned-apparent lover as her emergency contact, according to a waiver obtained by Fox News Digital. At the time, she and Bridegan were still living together, according to family court documents.

Both Bridegan and Gardner-Fernandez have remarried – but the acrimony between them has persisted, with the exes frequently clashing over their conflicting approaches to raising their children.

A staff member at the twins’ private elementary school said Gardner-Fernandez openly disparaged Bridegan.

Authorities have offered a $30,000 reward for information about a truck involved in the fatal shooting of Jared Bridegan.
Authorities have offered a $30,000 reward for information about a truck involved in the fatal shooting of Jared Bridegan.
City of Jacksonville Beach Police Department

“The first time I met her, she brought up the divorce and painted it in a really bad light,” she told Fox News Digital. “There was this contempt.”

Bridegan was ambushed after dropping off the twins at Gardner-Fernandez’s home in Jacksonville Beach.

He was driving home with Bexley when he encountered a tire on the road. When he came out to move it, he was shot several times.

Killed Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan along with his wife, Kirsten Bridegan, and their children.
Kirsten Bridegan has vowed to seek justice for her murdered husband.

A law enforcement source said Gardner-Fernandez and her husband, Mario Fernandez, remain suspects – but officials have run out of leads and have not publicly identified any suspects.

Gossip about the alleged affair even surfaced after the murder in comments on a blog maintained by Gardner-Fernandez’s mother, Shelli Gardner, called “So Shelli.”

Gardner posted photos of a memorial service held by his family for the slain father with smiling guests and a variety of gourmet taco toppings. The event replaced the funeral, which the twins and Gardner-Fernandez did not attend.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has offered a $5,000 reward for information about the Jared Bridegan murder investigation.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has offered a $5,000 reward for information about Jared Bridegan’s murder.
City of Jacksonville Beach Police Department

In a since-deleted comment, a user identified as Jessica wrote, “Shanna CHEATED Jared!”

Gardner replied, “That’s not true. That’s what Jared told people.

The coach said her relationship with Gardner-Fernandez only lasted a few months as “she was going through a lot” with her breakup.

Former Manhattan district attorney Daniel Bibb, who now works as a criminal defense attorney, said the alleged case was relevant to the murder investigation.

“Assuming what the personal trainer said is true, any time a person lies demonstratively during a homicide investigation, it shows an awareness of guilt,” he said. “It’s not about the case, it’s that she may have lied when she knows she’s under surveillance.”

Criminal defense attorney Henry Coxe III, who represents Gardner-Fernandez and her husband, did not immediately return a request for comment.

The investigation, which is being led by the Jacksonville Beach Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office for the Fourth Judicial District, is ongoing.

“We are constantly receiving information, and with that information, detectives have to work from there. This case is still very active,” said Sgt. said Tonya Tator.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a vehicle of interest, a dark blue Ford F-150 captured on surveillance video near the crime scene.

A spokesman for the state’s attorney’s office, David Chapman, declined to comment.

Kirsten Bridegan has said she won’t give up until her husband’s killers are brought to justice.

“Not only was this an attack on my husband and his life, it was an attack on the family we’ve built together, and I won’t stand it,” she said. “I will continue to fight until the end. Whether it takes six months or six more years, I will continue to fight for him and the children.