Written by Paul Jerome Watson. Photo courtesy of Paul Jérôme Watson.

Since opening in fall 2017, SCADfit has been a workout destination for students living at the Hive and Turner House, an alternative ClubSCAD exercise room, and remains the premier fitness center on the Savannah campus. And, despite this status, I had never participated in any of the courses offered, even if I do what I can to take care of myself. Wanting to broaden my horizons, I signed up for two classes with routines I had no previous experience with: pilates and yoga. After attending SCADfit classes for the first time, I plan to make it a regular part of my routine.

With nothing but a change of clothes, I head for the first Pilates class of my life, “Mixed Apparatus” with Ashley Orr. The experience was exciting, showing me new ways to move my body for exercise. Orr was encouraging, helpful and led a positive environment.

Yoga, specifically Restorative Aerial Yoga with KT O’Brien, left me feeling confident, happy and renewed for the rest of the day. It enhanced peace and quiet, emphasizing the self and clarifying the mind.

My time was so fulfilling because Ashley and KT accepted my inexperience in both areas, helping me whenever I was confused about a piece of equipment or when my form faltered. My ignorance was met with the understanding that everyone in the room was there to improve and had the dedication to attend a class to do so, regardless of previous experience.

After just two classes at SCADfit, with support trainers providing experiences I had no credentials for, I am now actively checking class times and planning my schedule accordingly to incorporate more. And I’m very excited to do it.