A former professional footballer, Bradley turned to personal training after a debilitating injury forced him to rethink his career plan. He now trains celebrities such as presenter Maya Jama and singer Tom Grennan, as well as non-famous people who want to get in shape.

It’s no secret that losing weight and getting in shape are popular New Year’s resolutions, and on January 1, people’s motivation to achieve those goals is at its highest.

But to stop the motivation and lead to burnout, Bradley offered those hoping to start a healthy new lifestyle the following advice: “Invest. “

Whether it’s fitness equipment, an online membership, or an in-person trainer, Bradley believes investing in your journey is the best way to keep it going.

He added, “Make sure you have a good routine, so you don’t guess what to do. The worst thing is going to a gym and you don’t know what to do.”

Getting to the gym or going for a run outside anytime is commendable, but in Bradley’s experience, nothing beats an early morning workout.

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“I always recommend that you exercise when it’s the best time for you. But if you can exercise in the morning, it’s the best way to start your day. morning.”

He added, “If you do high intensity workout at night, you might have trouble sleeping.”

But regardless of what time a person is training, Bradley stressed the importance of starting small.

“As a beginner, start with two sessions per week. Build up your self-confidence, build strength and fitness, and when you get there, there’s nothing wrong with training six times a week. “

Of course, the path to weight loss and getting back into shape isn’t just about exercise.

Bradley said “empty your fridge, get rid of that Christmas chocolate” is the next step.


Re-evaluating the foods you keep in your home, making sure that they are primarily “really healthy and nutritious”, is a good way to stay on track.

Bradley also recommends that those who want a healthier lifestyle get a “good night’s sleep”.

Indeed, according to the Sleep Foundation, those who lack sleep tend to turn to foods higher in calories.

In addition to ridding their refrigerators of unhealthy foods, Bradley recommends that those who want to get in shape take a look in their liquor cabinets.

“A dry January is definitely a good idea. Just make sure your brain is feeling good and that will keep you motivated. “

He explained that in addition to being “calorific,” alcohol makes the mind “foggy” and, as a depressant, can contribute to feelings of crankiness and unwillingness to exercise.

Not only that, Bradley thinks people don’t realize how many calories are in their favorite alcoholic drinks and should drink more carefully.

He revealed that in terms of calories, “One glass of red wine equals one Krispy Kreme donut.”

While her clients would admit to easily drinking five glasses of red wine, they would feel guilty about eating five donuts when the calories are the same.

“This is where people go wrong. They need to research and understand better w

Finally, Bradley recognizes that everyone’s fitness journey is unique and that people don’t need to compare themselves to others.

“You’re going to see a lot of people on social media saying they’re crushing their workouts, but you start when you’re ready to start.

“Do yoga, pilates, active walks, run 5 km at a slower pace, because if you go too hard, too early, you might run into a brick wall. January will make you feel good and be able to step up a gear by then. “

Bradley, @bradleysimmonds, is the founder of Do it, a fitness app for intermediate and advanced users who want to be able to achieve their fitness goals on the go.

The app includes a variety of HIIT, strength, Pilates, and yoga exercises.