STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) — A fitness center in Sterling Heights is transforming the lives of people with special needs.

The owner of In inclusive formMark Ralko says the facility helps clients physically, mentally and most importantly gives them hope when they need it most.

Alex Duley, 21, is legally blind, has depth perception issues and is on the autism spectrum. But one thing he has that many don’t have is the will to succeed.

Duley’s parents, Kim and John, were moved to see their son so happy.

“Just think it’s so important to the community, and Alex is so excited. And he just wants to be here and he falls in love with Mark,” said Kim Duley, Alex’s mother.

Mark Ralko, 36, left his teaching job a few years ago to become a trainer to understand the fitness industry with the aim of opening this place dedicated to helping people with special needs.

“Often times when a parent has a child with a disability, they don’t think exercise is an option for them because many local gyms don’t cater to people with special needs,” said Ralko, owner and executive director. . of Inclusively Fit.

So far, 85 members have signed up for this 6,300 square foot gymnasium which is making a huge difference in the community.

“Our title is Inclusively Fit – everyone deserves a chance. We’re not going to judge what kind of disability you have, everyone deserves an opportunity to come here,” Ralko said.

As Alex worked on his fitness, Kim and John can see the impact the gym has had on their son.

“To be able to let him exercise, get in shape and learn mobility and hand-eye coordination will last forever,” John Duley said.

A one-on-one session is $45 per hour and pair training is $50 per hour, or $25 per person.

Inclusively Fit is a non-profit organization and they are always looking for donations, so they can improve the program and make it more affordable by providing scholarships to approved members. For more information, visit