NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo.—North Kansas City Ofc. Daniel Vasquez trained at several gyms in the Kansas City area.

Vasquez’s workout buddies say he was always cheering them on, especially with his high energy.

Now Vasquez’s loved ones say they mourn how his life was cut short.

It didn’t take long after the Blue Alert went off on Tuesday morning that Eddie Barajas learned he was implicating his longtime sparring partner.

“No matter how dark the energy was or how dark the room was, he lit everything up,” Barajas said. “He lit up the whole world.”

Barajas first met Vasquez in 2017 at the Strong Barbell Club.

“He would turn me on, I would turn him on, we were pushing each other,” Barajas said. “We are definitely very driven individuals and when we combined everyone around us felt the energy.”

He adds that Vasquez conditioned himself in the gym to meet the physical demands required of a police officer.

“It was a dream he wanted for a long time, and I know he did it for many reasons,” Barajas said. “Not just for patriotism, but for his family.”

The news that Vasquez was killed during a traffic stop has reverberated through Kansas City’s weightlifting and fitness community.

“He’s happy, lucky, fun-loving and has the spirit of a kid,” said JP Price, owner of the Strong Barbell Club. “It’s hard to believe he’s 32, because he could have been a lot younger, because that’s how his soul felt.”

Hours after his passing, his friends gathered at the gym on Tuesday night to honor Vasquez with a moment of silence and drink his favorite beer, Modelo.

“You never know when your time is up. And I never thought that yesterday Danny’s time would be up,” Price said. “And that puts things into perspective for me. And I just hope everyone can really remember all the great things about Danny.”

Many people in the fitness community, like so many others, plan to attend Vasquez’s services.

Officials told a news conference Wednesday morning that his family was meeting with the funeral home later in the day to put those plans in order.