Members of Goodlife health clubs and Fitness First gyms are furious after news that a hugely popular service across Australia has been cut.

A major Australian fitness chain has announced it is closing childcare facilities at 89 gyms nationwide, sparking outrage from parents.

The Fitness and Lifestyle group currently operates nurseries at its premier clubs Fitness First and Goodlife Health.

But from July 3, the gym giants will close the door to their childcare facilities at both gym chains, citing a “drastic reduction” in attendance which “has made the service unsustainable”.

The move will see all of the fitness chain’s childcare workers out of work from next month, although some will hopefully be redeployed elsewhere in the business, and have left parents devastated.

A spokesperson for The Fitness and Lifestyle Group told that the health and fitness industry was still recovering from the pandemic and was now in a period of “transition” which took into account habits current gym and lifestyle.

“Recovering from Covid-19 continues to be a significant challenge for everyone in the health club industry.

“As a business, we have seen very clear changes in member behavior since the start of 2020, and it is up to us to adapt to meet the changing needs of our members.

“Unfortunately, one of the clear changes in member behavior is a drastic reduction in the use of our childcare service, which is down 50-60% from pre-Covid levels, making the unsustainable service.”

The spokesperson added that it had been a “very difficult decision for the company”.

“We are working closely on support and redeployment opportunities for our affected team members and to provide support to our members as they readjust their routines.”

A mum who bought a black membership, which costs $34.99 a week and includes 3 childcare sessions, at Goodlife Health Club in Karrinyup, WA, said the move was “terrible”.

“Closing the nursery will come at the expense of the health and well-being of so many parents,” she said.

“I’m devastated, like all my mum friends, because this will stop us from training and trying to stay healthy and recover our bodies.

“I’m also devastated because all the lovely nursery workers will be out of work.”

She explained that many members found out about the change in their subscription via a sign displayed at the gym or on social media, describing it as a “kick in the teeth” for women who juggle childcare and work.

“A friend of mine sent me a picture of the sign, asking ‘is it real? she says.

“The fact that they didn’t communicate anything is ridiculous.”

She also said her local club’s daycare center was always busy, with at least 16 to 20 children at a time.

“It’s quite devastating,” she said. “I’m going to cancel my membership, I can no longer justify the cost.”

Angry members are now also exploding in the comments section of a recent Goodlife Health Clubs Australia Facebook post as news of the decision spreads.

“Shame on you for closing all GoodLife nurseries in Australia. What a disastrous decision. For every mum who now has to cancel her membership, I sure hope you plan to waive the membership cancellation fee,” one woman said. Friday.

“Closing all of your child care areas to accommodate a pilates studio is the dumbest business decision ever made in the history of gym ownership,” one frustrated dad wrote.

“So many people (myself included) bought our memberships BECAUSE of the nursery facilities. In fact, I was sold my membership on the premise that I would receive 3 nursery passes per week included. This is absolutely false and misleading, selling a membership and within two months revoking one of the main components of it! I am furious and disappointed,” said another mother.

Many more have said they will “cancel” their memberships unless the decision is overturned.