Health is extremely important post-covid and we see that post-pandemic we should all be more and more focused on fitness. Regular exercise is the epitome of maintaining a healthy weight and regularizing strong muscles and bones. Staying active can help you ward off various diseases like diabetes, cancer and many more.

Sports nutritionist and fitness trainer Rinku Shah says: “Being at home means working from home, makes you lethargic and everyone feels going out, even to park, is a bit of a hassle. Many wfh employees are stressed even to go out and shop because we have everything available online. Health is something we need to work on, and many yoga asanas are also available through online tutorials that help us reframe our weight. This is due to the sedentary lifestyle we adopt. A sedentary lifestyle involves more lying and sitting and almost no walking. This results in patterns of obesity in our body. When we learn yoga and other aerobic exercises from an online portal, they are much easier, we learn faster because they have flexible schedules. In addition to the plethora of choices, one can also interact in the community in which it is a part of learning yoga. It helps to better understand the exercise. Another key aspect is that when we work online from home, we often face issues of acidity and obesity.

Eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly

One of the key aspects of being fit at home is eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercising regularly. For this, fitness and aerobics are very important along with a planned diet. It provides the proper nutrients that boost your metabolism.

Stay hydrated

Sufficient water intake is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. It is essential for people who work from home. Avoid sugary drinks and beverages as they will increase sugar levels in the body and make us obese.

Sitting in a comfortable posture while working from home

One should maintain a comfortable posture while being at home as this prevents neck pain and other spine related pains.

Sports nutritionist and physical trainer Rinku Shah

As a sports nutritionist and fitness enthusiast, Rinku Shah says she takes a purposeful and serious approach as a “certified international personal trainer”. “I understand that success doesn’t come easy when it comes to fitness. Nutrition and health go hand in hand. There’s an old adage that you are what you eat and you have to look at eating habits, especially. especially binge eating. One can improve health by balancing diet and regular physical fitness. This is very crucial in today’s health scenario as it involves frequent work from home,” Shah added.