SAN DIEGO, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlazePodfounders of the revolutionary Flash Reflex (FRX) training method designed to improve reaction time and performance through unique cognitive and physical exercises, launched BlazePod Proa new membership for coaches, sports trainers, physiotherapists and fitness professionals.

BlazePod Pro will allow training managers to efficiently train large groups and conduct complex activities, create their own branded activities, share custom exercises for remote training, access hundreds of predefined activities , as well as track and measure the performance of each client.

“As a forward-thinking company, we are constantly innovating and improving our product to provide pragmatic solutions for coaches, trainers and therapists,” said BlazePod Founder and CEO Yaniv Shneiderman. “This membership has been developed with these professional roles in mind, enabling them to effectively serve their clients – whether they are physical therapy patients, athletes or fitness enthusiasts.”

BlazePod Pro members will have exclusive access to an extensive library of pre-made activities and the unique opportunity to develop and run custom activities. To test the effectiveness of their activities, pro members have the ability to perform athlete performance tests and access an innovative analytics dashboard that provides hard evidence of the physical and cognitive growth journey.

The BlazePod Pro subscription is available now for $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year.

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About BlazePod:

BlazePod is the leading reaction training platform that combines cognitive intelligence training with physical exercises, empowering all individuals to respond and react faster and more effectively, guided by live data. The platform consists of dynamic visual cue modules, controlled by a fully customizable interactive mobile app for any sports, fitness or therapy applications.