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Fundraising event this week to support Sun Valley family facing financial hardship

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The Saint Mary’s Angels, a subcommittee of the Saint Mary’s Reno Foundation, LLC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, are hosting an event to support a family in northern Nevada.

Crystal Best and Adam Hallford have been engaged for six years.

“The day we met face to face, I knew we would end up getting married,” Hallford said.

The couple have a mixed family of two children and describe themselves as active.

“The last minute jump in the car and heading out to the coast,” Best said.

Unfortunately, the adventures came to a halt when Hallford’s health took a turn in November 2021.

“He is currently recovering from a stroke just a few months ago,” Best said. “He also had bladder issues which led to multiple infections and then went into a super pubic catheter, which we are still awaiting further tests for… borderline kidney failure on several occasions. »

During his health battles, Hallford, who is the family’s sole provider, was fired from his job, unable to work while recovering.

“It’s been a lot of depression and I feel like a burden or a failure,” he said.

Best is a full-time caretaker of their son who has autism and other health issues.

“There are nights where you don’t get a full night’s sleep,” she said. “First example, last night I went to bed after midnight, got up at three, up at six and it’s just…it’s hard and all you can do is moving forward day after day. One foot in front of the other.”

Unable to obtain unemployment and still awaiting disability, the family faces serious financial difficulties.

“We have bills that are a bit stacked,” Hallford said.

In an effort to help them, Saint Mary’s Angels organizes fundraising events. The first was Thursday night at the Wild River Grille.

The next will come Saturday, November 5 at Saint Mary’s Fitness Center from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The center will be open to all members of the community with donation-based entry providing access to all facilities. No membership or registration is necessary, and all donation-based entries will go directly to the Hallford family.

“I don’t think anything can express how grateful we are as a family for this,” Best said with tears in his eyes.

Amid the uncertainty, the two hold on to their love for each other and their children.

“For me, the silver lining is seeing the sacrifice Crystal makes every day,” Hallford said.

“I can look into my son’s eyes who is 16 or I look into his eyes or when my granddaughter is here, because she’s here three days a week…that’s a reason to go forward,” Best said.

The couple want to use the funds to buy a computer so Hallford can work from home and a van to transport him and his wheelchair.

Saint Mary’s Angels will be accepting donations for the family until November 30. You can still donate yours by going to:

You can also donate through their GoFundMe.