NPower Services has partnered with Chagrin Falls CrossFit to deliver scalable CrossFit style workouts to adults with disabilities in Geauga County.

Sponsored by the Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the course is a winter offshoot of Geauga Joggers & Walkers, and will teach functional fitness movements, and help participants build strength, endurance and flexibility, according to a press release. .

Coach Liz Kentner will seek to keep the mood positive and bring an energetic and supportive spirit to the sessions.

“I am excited to share my passion for fitness and to help others,” Kentner said in the release. “CrossFit has done so much good to help people reach their fitness goals. Everyone, regardless of their skill level, should feel empowered to improve their fitness.

“CrossFit offers progressive training that is fun and can appeal to anyone who wants to participate. “

Kentner, who holds a CrossFit CF-L1 certificate, has a background in health care and she and her family have participated in walks in Geauga County with Geauga Joggers & Walkers.

She is working with Dr Tom McCoy, a CrossFit Precision Care physician who not only brings knowledge and experience, but also has connections to experts in the field, the release said.

Sessions have started at Chagrin Falls CrossFit, 477 Industrial Parkway, Unit D, and will run twice a month through March.