The GymShark Ab Roller may not be fancy, but it’s still guaranteed to put your gear through the wringer. GymShark designed this ab wheel with a thin tread that provides enough instability to challenge the basic control of even the most advanced fitness enthusiasts.

This model is one of the best ab roller options for building core strength because it refuses to provide assistance when kicking back, leaving all the hard work to you. You might be wondering why core muscles are important. (opens in a new tab)? Our core comprises an intricate network of muscles that help stabilize and balance the body, so it’s crucial to work through different planes of motion to target and strengthen as many of them as possible.

Key details

– 7 inches / 18 cm in diameter

– Inner wheel: 100% polypropylene.

– Outer wheel: 100% thermoplastic rubber.

– Grip Coating: 100% Nitrile Butadiene Rubber.

– Bar: 100% stainless steel

Unfortunately, this wheel doesn’t allow for multi-directional movement, but it’s not impossible – it just takes more effort. This makes it a brilliant buy for those used to rolling out the ab wheel during sweaty gym sessions, but it might not be suitable for beginners new to ab roller exercises. (opens in a new tab).

If you’re looking for a midsection to marvel at, the best home workout equipment (opens in a new tab) use could also help you get there, or read on to find out if the GymShark Ab Roller could be your match.

Price and release date

The MSRP of the GymShark Ab Roller is $20 in the US and £18 in the UK. It is available in the UK and US direct through the GymShark (opens in a new tab)website and is one of the most affordable ab rollers we’ve tested.


Gym Shark abs

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)

GymShark is renowned for its quality sportswear and this ab roller is no exception. The sleek, all-black design is understated and simple. The wheel comes with a long handle that crosses the wheel and is secured by two padded handle covers on either side. The wheel tread is grooved – much like a car tire – and improves ground traction, and the handles provide a firm yet gentle grip.


GymShark Ab Roller on parquet

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  • Feature Rating: 3.5/5

GymShark’s ab offering wouldn’t hurt in a gym environment: it’s the pattern you’d expect to see at your local fitness center or gym class. It’s designed to be simple yet effective, driving maximum engagement of your core with its thin, unstable tread that demands even more work from its victim (we mean, the user).


  • Durability rating: 4.0/5

This ab wheel looks sturdy, considering it costs less than $20. The handles are thick, with a softness for comfort, and the outer wheel is made from thermoplastic rubber and is durable enough to withstand even the sweatiest abdominal attacks.


  • Feature Rating: 3.5/5

We love how lightweight this ab wheel is. It can be disassembled in less than five seconds and stored in your backpack or gym bag for convenient, on-the-go core workouts.

Generally, the thinner the tread, the more strain your core and shoulders have to control your range of motion throughout the rollout/deployment. This tread is 2 inches wide, which we initially thought would provide plenty of stability, but the wheel felt wobbly and unstable and lacked control. This is great news if you’re looking for a challenge, but not so much for beginners or for those who lack the shoulder mobility and strength to drive the wheel.

We found that the GymShark Ab Roller had a lot of drag and required a lot of pushing and pulling to generate motion. Again, pro fitness fanatics will reap the rewards, but it’s far from the small boost provided by the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro.

This ab wheel is for more capable athletes or those used to running these compact core kits and may take some getting used to, but it’s a useful tool if you want to get a stronger core. (opens in a new tab)

Value for money

For $20 / £18 you can’t go wrong with the GymShark Ab Roller. It’s an entry-level product, and you’re not going to be floored by fancy features, but if you’re looking for an efficient and effective ab wheel to throw in your bag, this will more than get the job done.


Your balance is about to be brutally tested, but if you’re up for it, we rate GymShark’s contribution to the ab roller market. It’s an affordable option for anyone who wants to upgrade their current workout routine without spending too much money. If you want more versatility, models with assist pedals or coils might be a better choice.


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro on parquet

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)

The Perfect Fitness Ab carver Pro (pictured above) is our top pick for beginners who appreciate a little nudge in the right direction. Its inner carbon coil spring provides resistance when deploying and assist when backing up, which is great for anyone who is still perfecting their ab deployment craft. It will cost you more than $50 though.

Or, one of our other top-rated ab rollers in testing was the GoFit Super Ab Wheel. Grippy extra-wide dual wheels provide tons of support without weighing you down. There’s no assist in sight either, so the hard work is yours.

How we tested

We pulled out some of the best ab rollers to see which ones were capable of burning our hearts out. Our in-house testers performed four sets of 10 ab wheel rollouts with each roll, taking note of their sustainability, pattern, and Feature. We also tested any additional innovation Features they had to offer – like the unique foot straps on the Lifeline Power Wheel Ultimate Core Trainer – and considered the value for money provided by each product. These factors were combined to provide a final rating out of five stars.

User Reviews

We couldn’t find many reviews for the GymShark Ab Roller online, but reviews on the GymShark website praised the Ab Roller and said it was “durable, effective and worth the price”.