CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard Athletics is pleased to announce a generous endowment that will significantly enhance Crimson’s strong club and intramural sports program, while supporting recreational activities and facilities for all students.

With nearly 60 club teams and 35 house/intramural leagues, the Athletics Department serves as a physical wellness center providing athletic and fitness opportunities to the entire Harvard community. The donation provides additional funding to strengthen and expand the student athletic experience, as well as compensation and related expenses for the Director of Student Recreation Programs, who will henceforth be known as Reade and Elizabeth Griffith Director of Club Athletics , intramural and recreational activities. .

“I am honored to hold this new title and must express my deepest gratitude to Reade and Elizabeth for their support of the Harvard club and intramural programs,” Alex Carras said.

Reade ’87, JD ’95, and his wife, Elizabeth ’92, both participated in club and varsity sports during their undergraduate studies, and the couple strongly believe that access to organized sports and recreation was at the heart of their overall student experience during their studies. middle School. So when the opportunity presented itself, they were thrilled and inspired to help provide similar experiences for Harvard students today.

“We are pleased to support Harvard Athletics in the development of its club and intramural sports program, and in its efforts to promote inclusion and expand access to organized sports and recreational activities at Harvard. For the 80 % of students who are not involved in college athletic programs, this donation is intended to provide funding and leadership to enhance their experience outside of the classroom,” the Griffiths said.

Through the Griffiths, increased investment will be made in the following areas of club and intramural sport: travel and equipment; student leadership development opportunities and workshops; hire additional staff in the recreation department; and safety education and training. Part of the donation has already been allocated to improving the structure and safety of sports clubs as well as implementing a sports club athlete assistance program, providing eligible students with monetary assistance for their club sport dues to ensure that financial means are not a barrier to participation. This endowment will also support special events for the intramural sports program and boost day-to-day operations to encourage student coordination and engagement.

“I am extremely grateful to Reade and Elizabeth for their vision and belief that all students should lead healthy, balanced lives,” said Erin McDermott, Director of Family Athletics John D. Nichols ’53. “We take great pride in our ability to provide a wide range of organized sporting opportunities and having dedicated resources to invest in these important experiences is a real game-changer for us.”