Louis Andre Volt Murray is a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor well known as the creator of the Voltage Fitness brand.He has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years and is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Nestor Fitness Trainer and Core Conditioning Specialist, a New Skills Academy and is currently pursuing a Master Trainer certification.

Volt began practicing martial arts when he was nine years old, which sparked his interest in fitness. His goal was clear: he needed to develop his physique to thrive in the sport, so when the opportunity to manage his taekwondo instructor’s gym presented itself, he jumped at the chance. He did additional research on creating programs and nutrition in the gym to improve himself, despite the fact that he was already quite knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition due to his martial arts training.

Soon after, he joined Fitness Freaks where he received one of his first official certifications and returned to his old gym, the Carellie Fitness Center, to implement a personal training program. Unfortunately, his time at the gym was short-lived and he eventually landed a job at Nature’s Discount where he learned how to incorporate natural supplements into his personal training.

He saved up enough money from his job to make his official debut as a professional fitness trainer at his old gym and in late 2018 he started his company Voltage Fitness.

Voltage Fitness is a high-energy fitness training company that specializes in hands-on personal training, 30-minute personal training sessions, nutritional counseling, personalized meal planning, stretching, massage, and, well, sure, martial arts. To date, the company has trained over 200 clients and has been featured in Yo Magazine, Youth Unplugged on RCI and The DBS Morning Show.

Going forward, Volt is looking to grow the business to gain additional customers and possibly expand regionally and globally. Volt advises people who want to start a business to learn about their business and see things through the eyes of their customers. In terms of fitness, he recommends that trainers consider how to not only fit their clients’ fitness goals, but also how to make it a lifestyle change for them.

Book your high energy personal training sessions with Voltage Fitness via Instagram @voltfage_fit or call 758-284-7777.