Some students think UNC gyms can be overwhelming. Although Campus Recreation offers great fitness classes, they often don’t provide the necessary instructor attention that some might need.

Heel Fit, a small-group fitness program run by Campus Recreation and housed on the second floor of the Student Recreation Center, aims to provide an environment that strikes a happy medium between the two.

“It’s a small group of people in a class with personal trainers or group fitness instructors,” said Aliyah Valdez, fitness and wellness coordinator at Campus Recreation. “And, really, the goal is to get more complex and intimate feedback, as opposed to a group fitness class where there are so many people that you may not always be able to give individual feedback. or practices to a participant.”

Each Heel Fit class lasts 50 minutes and 12 different strength training sessions are offered Monday through Thursday each week. Classes are offered in four-week cycles, and activities progress in difficulty each week.

“If someone were to attend Heel Fit every Monday for the entire cycle, they would do more difficult movements, heavier weights, different modalities. So what I mean by that is maybe adding kettlebells to dumbbells, different things like that,” Valdez said.

For students, a one-month pass is $25 and a semester pass is $45. Non-students can also attend Heel Fit classes, but monthly and semester passes cost $30 and $60, respectively. For a $10 fee, anyone can attend just one class.

Participants can attend unlimited classes for the duration of their pass, but must reserve their place for a session 48 hours in advance. Each training class is limited to eight participants to maximize the attention each participant receives from the trainer.

“So we have four (participants) starting on one side of the room and four starting on the other side of the room,” Valdez said. “They’ll go through all the moves dedicated to that side, and then halfway through, they switch. And then at the end, there’s usually a challenge or a base burner or something just to wrap it up, and everything the world will do it together.

Junior Katherine Reeves bought a semester pass to Heel Fit for the first time this year and regularly attends classes twice a week.

“I absolutely love it,” Reeves said. “I think sometimes strength training can be intimidating, so it’s good when people can show you what to do. And when you have a group environment, it also makes it a lot more fun.

Valdez said the instructors for each session are students who started working for Campus Recreation as group fitness instructors or personal trainers and progressed through Heel Fit training.

For the first time this semester, the course curriculum was designed by UNC graduate student Kacie Mollin, who works as a student services specialist.

“When planning programs, I am careful to select exercises that progress over time, train each major muscle group in a balanced way, and choose exercises that can be adapted so that all participants can benefit from Heel Fit. “, Mollin said in an email. statement.

Valdez hopes the program will grow into cohesive groups of participants who attend classes at the same times each week.

“We want to start encouraging people to keep going,” Valdez said. “So if they’re into Heel Fit on Monday, show up every Monday. But right now someone can show up on Monday one week, Thursday the next week, Tuesday the next, and that’s is always a step forward.”

The third and final cycle of the fall semester will begin on October 24.


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