Heisley Park Senior Apartments opened Nov. 2 and offers apartments in Painesville for seniors 55 and older.

Representatives from the City of Painesville and the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce gathered Nov. 3 to celebrate the grand opening of the new facility at 1386 Elizabeth Blvd.

City Manager Doug Lewis thanked Clover Group saying, “We have a lot of people in the community who are reaching their senior years…who want to stay in the community but really have nowhere to go.”

He added: “It gives them the opportunity to stay.”

The 119 apartments are designed for seniors who can live alone, said project manager Kelley Getz. Three of the apartments are designed to provide accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • The Cafe Bar at Heisley Park Senior Apartments provides residents with space to socialize and where they can prepare drinks including coffee and espresso. (Bryson Durst — The News-Herald).

  • The Heisley Park Senior Apartments include an exercise room for...

    Heisley Park Senior Apartments include a resident exercise room. (Bryson Durst — The News-Herald).

  • The games room at Heisley Park Senior Apartments offers games...

    Heisley Park Senior Apartments’ games room offers games such as shuffleboard and chess. (Bryson Durst — The News-Herald).

  • The model unit at Heisley Park Senior Apartments is one of the...

    The Heisley Park Senior Apartments model unit is one of 119 units available for residents aged 55 and over. (Bryson Durst — The News-Herald).

According to Getz, the facility’s recreational facilities include a community hall that can be used for events such as movie nights and games. A games room offers activities including a shuffleboard and chess table, while a coffee bar provides space for socializing and, in the future, making drinks such as coffee and ice cream. espresso. A family room has more space for residents to visit loved ones.

Residents will be responsible for their medical arrangements, he added. Each unit will be equipped with a pull cord they can use to call emergency services, and the facility is designed to provide access for first responders.

Getz noted that the facility will have a full-time property manager and a maintenance staff member.

According to the property’s website, other amenities will include an on-site barber and hair salon as well as a fitness center. Water, heat, electricity, garbage service, and cable TV are included in the rent, which starts at $1,334 per month for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

Getz noted that about six tenants had moved in as of Nov. 3 and that 40% of the property’s apartments were pre-rented.